Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stuffiee App, the perfect Time Capsule to Store & Categorize Your Memories

Ahhh.. With so many pictures posted on social media everyday, finding that particular food or friend pic from weeks or even years ago on your timeline can sometimes be a challenge, We've all been there. I would have to literally scroll through my whole photo album just trying to find that picture, and after while probably give up frustrated, Well now there's an app for that called Stuffiee that helps you keep track of your images and memories while sharing it with friends. So today I thought I'd take a look and show you how it's done via Stuffie and more...

Stuffiee App
the perfect time capsule to store & categorize your memories (feature)

Once you download the Stuffiee App (it's available on Android), you just set up your account and invite your friends to join. I set mine up since December and it only took a minute, easy peasy. From then on all the pictures you take, can be stored and categorized in your profile. For example, you can take picture of the very first batch of brownies that you baked and store it under "Food". So months or years later, you can find that brownies picture by clicking on the "Food" category. Aside from just "Food" there are subcategory's like Tea, Drinks, Coffee, Dessert and etc, for you to organize your images .. You can also view the photos by year, so no more hassle in scrolling and scrolling through your photo album anymore.

You know how sometimes, our social media timeline's are filled with unnecessary information and irrelevant pictures. In Stuffiee, you can view your timeline by category. Just click on the "Fashion" button, and you will only see all fashion related photos in your timeline. This is really handy when you're not sure what to can find selections of outfit photos shared by your friends in just one click. Now that's easy...:)

After playing with Stuffie for while, you will come to realize that it's a combination of great features form iCloud, Pintrest, Instagram and Yelp all in one little app. Fancy giving it a go too ? Download it here. And show off your stuffs and walk away with  UH-MAZING cash prize...!

Stuffiee’s Photo Contest, all you need to do is :-
1. Download the Stuffiee App from Google Play.
2. Post any stuff that you like or proud of on Stuffiee
3. Share it on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #showstuffs

As easy as that ! And the MOST AWESOME Stuff shown will win RM 1000 cash every 2 weeks ! Contest will begin on Feb 26, 2017. So show off your stuff now !

 love ♥,