Monday, February 13, 2017

'BOSS The Scent for Her' Eau de Parfum - Worth The Ride ?

This BOSS The Scent for Her has been lining up beautifully on my perfume cabinet for the last few weeks , alongside with some of my staples like Shiseido Ever Bloom, diptyque Florabellio and Gucci Guilty for Her and was long over due for a test drive, Although it has only been a week, I think it's time to check in and let you guys know whether it's worth the ride..!

'BOSS The Scent for Her' Eau de Parfum
Worth The Ride ? (review)

The irresistible BOSS Eau de Parfum for women is arousing with its seductive blend of honey-sweet peach, delicate freesia and roasted cocoa beans, with a final sensuous note of bewitching osmanthus blossom. The exquisite Eau de Parfum combines feminine elegance, warmth and grace to create an unforgettable fragrance. 

You'll LIKE it if a soft yet statement and feminine fragrance is your everyday go-to kind of parfum.

You'll HATE it if you enjoy parfum with strong musky and woody note. 

Cased in a tall rectangle bottle, BOSS The Scent for Her is a soft yet statement and deep fragrance. Sounds confusing doesn't it ? Well, when you first spray it on, there's a strong and overpowering sweet candie haze which I am guessing is from the blend of honey-sweet peach. However when it dries down it turns into something different; something a little less sweet, slightly refreshing and fruity, completely different to anything else I own. The change of scent gives a little more sophistication to the fragrance. It's a very gradual and subtle change, people tend to notice it more on me rather than I do myself. I personally do not fancy the beginning scent but then as it dries off, I really do enjoy the subtle peach fruity sweetness on my clothes, such a dilemma. I think for a spring/summer scent, this ticks all the right boxes. A blend of bold, sweet and fruitiness that would be uplifting to the spring/summer mood.

The final verdict ? It may not have the 'sensuous arousing' effect on me, but it's a grower and one that when it's sprayed, it will lock on for days. I have the 100ml which is RM 493 from the counter, but there are more wallet-friendly option and smaller size version available for you to try. I would say it makes a lovely Valentine's Day present, if your bae loves a sweet and fruity fragrance. 


Name : 'BOSS The Scent for Her' Eau de Parfum
Price : 30ml  - RM 243 / SGD 78 / $54 each
50ml  - RM 332 / SGD 106 / $74 each
100ml  - RM 493 / SGD 157 / $111 each
Where to Buy : Major Department Stores (eg. Parkson, Metrojaya and etc)

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