Friday, February 24, 2017

Annick Goutal Tenue de Soirée Eau de Parfum

I'm very fussy with it, when it comes to perfumes. Too floral, too sweet, too fruity, too musky, too incense-like or anything too overpowering, will go straight to my giveaway stack. In fact, the lighter, the fresher, the more unisex it smells, the better it is for me. With that in mind, I was invited to experience the Annick Goutal Tenue De Soirée; their newest scent to join their array of beautiful fragrances.

"Tenue De Soirée" (also known as Evening Attire) was inspired by the anticipation of a special event and the allure of a promising night in Paris. It tells the story of a Parisian woman who is preparing for a special night out. As her thoughts turn to what she will wear, she seizes the bottle of perfume before her because it's her most beloved accessory. A mist over her neck to reveal her femininity and boldness, dressing her like a Tenue de Soirée Evening Attire.

As you can see from the design of the bottle, every part of it translates the story and inspiration behind Tenue de Soirée, especially the gradient of purple tint in the glass bottle design,  representing the purple sky at dusk. And around its neck, a downy pompom that resembles the vintage puffs from a compact powder. Lastly, a medal engraved with Annick Goutal initials hanging from the pompom, clinking against the bottle with every movement, making it feel as tho two glasses of champagne are doing their best, promising an unforgettable moment. 

I do have to say, the design of Tenue de Soirée perfume itself, is indeed an evening that you'll never forget. But as for the scent, will it make a perfect evening dress ? Let's find out... 

Tenue de Soirée is an arousing scent, fit for women who is discovering her love for Annick Goutal. It has sweet and warm notes. Sweet, but not too much. Sexy, but in a confident and feminine way. Subtle, but still lasted quite a few hours. I adore how this evening inspired fragrance manages to keep a balance between bold and feminine, as most bold fragrance always come with strong and musky scents, which I never feel fierce enough for. Whereas Tenue de Soirée offers the more subtle kind of boldness and femininity. I truly believe this fragrance is for a  woman that's very Parisian at heart and is fun, flirty and sensual.

Again, can we just take a moment for the design of the bottle ? 


Name : Annick Goutal Tenue de Soirée Eau de Parfum
Price : 30ml - RM 395 / SGD 125 / $80  (limited edition) 
50ml - RM 599 / SGD 190 / $ 134 
100ml - RM 825 / SGD 262 / $190
Where to Buy : Annick Goutal ( or KENS Apothecary Store Nationwide (Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village II, 1Utama, Suria KLCC & The Gardens) and Website (

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