Friday, January 20, 2017

SEVENFRIDAY launches A Trio of Timepieces Inspired by Music, Travel & Motor Racing Engines

SEVENFRIDAY has just launched their latest timepieces, Q-series which was inspired by music, travel and motor-racing engines. The 3 main Q-series design is known as Q1/01 (Essence), Q2/01 (Revolution) and Q3/01 (Engines), and the best part of the latest creations is that FSC (Fast Strap Changer) function, allowing you to pair your SEVENFRIDAY with your own NATO, Zulu, rubber or leather strap for different occasion.

Also this time around, the new Q-series is slightly different as compared to the V-series. Now you don't need any mental arithmetic to decipher the time because there's only a solo minute sand sandwiched between a hypnotizing seconds disc and a decentralised 24 hour ring that's rotating on two versions and looks like a gauge indicator on steamboats on the Q2/01 influenced by the notion of adventure and vintage ships with brass Engine Order Telegraphs. Scroll down to check it out... 

I have to say the latest SEVENFRIDAY Q-series has an interesting and unique concept with the entire dial but yet still maintains the iconic square face design of the brand. If you are a fan of SEVENFRIDAY, this is the timepiece that you won't want to miss. The series is exclusively available at Red Army Watches - Pavilion KL, Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Gurney Plaza. 

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