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NYX Lip Lingerie (Beauty Mark) - Break Up Or Makeup My Lips ?

As of late many people have been talking about NYX cosmetics which is now available at Sephora and Hermo, I thought I might as well keep it going. The much raved about, NYX Matte Lip Cream is one of the most budget friendly and creamy liquid lipsticks, I've ever used, So today we take a look at (not available in Sephora Singapore/Malaysia or Hermo yet) but still quite affordable, NYX Lip Lingerie.. So is this a MAKEUP or BREAK-UP ? Let's find out...

NYX Lip Lingerie (Beauty Mark) - Break Up Or Makeup ? (review)

NYX Lip Lingerie, the luxurious liquid lipstick with a plush, Matte finish. Available in a wide selection of color-kissed hues from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige. Each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.

You'll LIKE it if you enjoy a serious-no-joke opaque warm brown lip color.

You'll HATE it if you have chapped and dry lips because this will just accentuate every dry part you have on your lips.

NYX Lip Lingerie is yet to be available in Singapore or Malaysia but since the launch of NYX cosmetics on the Hermo website, I'm pretty sure they will be bringing this in pretty soon. Finger crossed.

Anyway, the NYX Lip Lingerie comes in 24 shades, 12 new nude shades. Knowing that the nude brown lips is the thing now, I got myself  a bottle of NYX Lip Lingerie (Beauty Mark), you can clearly see the shade from the packaging, which is Chocolate Brown with a hint of red hues in it.

NYX describes the formula as luxurious, creamy and matte. First of all, I have to say that the formula is luxurious but not creamy at all as compared to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. It has a thick formula that makes my application quite patchy. which matched to other reviews on the net, the darker shades from NYX Lip Lingerie seems to have a rather patchy and inconsistent formula as compared to the lighter shades, which is a bummer. As for the scent, it's a mix of leathery-suede fabric scent which I don't mind when I smell it but when applied on my lips, it just feels like I am consistently licking on a leather bag and that's not a very good sign.

On the upside, the NYX Lip Lingerie does dry off into a matte look with no shine and long-lasting finish. I am pleased with the matte finish, but a few seconds into the matte look, it became very sticky, not the lip gloss sticky but gluey kind of sticky. I also found it to be very drying on my lips. It sets in the cracks badly, so if you do have chapped and dry lips, I would recommend you to stay away from this. Also do note that, it was a bit of a struggle trying to remove the NYX Lip Lingerie towards the end of the day, even my trusty ERH Makeup Remover Lotion and Banila Co Cleansing Balm  couldn't seem to do the job. After all the cleansing, I was left with tints of brown patches on my lips.

Overall, the range looks pretty and sound promising, but I do think that the formula need huge improvement to be made. Other than the fact that it's luxurious with a matte finish, I can't seem to find anything I like about this NYX Lip Lingerie. It was really uncomfortable to wear and feels dry on my lips. If you want a long lasting, matte nude brown color, opt for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream instead. For  me he NYX Lip Lingerie.. It's a  BREAK-UP..! for sure ..!

In case you're wondering, I got my NYX Lip Lingerie from Boots UK but I am pretty sure they'll be bringing it into Sephora or Hermo soon.


Name : NYX Lip Lingerie
Price : RM 31 / $7 each
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Net Weight : 4ml

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