Thursday, January 5, 2017

LANEIGE Boutique Launch @ Pavilion Elite, KL

Good news k-beauty fans, the biggest korean makeup and skincare brand, LANEIGE has just opened its latest boutique at Pavilion Elite in KL. All the times we had to head down to a major departmental store or Sephora to ruffle for some LANEIGE treats are over.With the new outlet you now can find everything under one roof .

LANEIGE New Boutique @ Pavilion Elite 
exclusive travel-ready beauty essentials

The new Laneige boutique carries a full range of skincare and makeup offerings, as well as some exclusive products lines which is only available at Laneige boutiques. Additionally, to celebrate the grand opening, Laneige is launching 3 new boutique-exclusive lines which are the Travel Kit, Scented Card and Water Pocket Sheet Mask. ..

Laneige Travel Kit (RM 82 per pack)

Available in 3 different variants, Catch Me (Homme Active Water Care), Pick Me (Light Care) & Bring Me (Moisture Care). All of it comes with 4 skincare essentials (Multi Cleanser, Skin Refiner, Emulsion & Cream) to keep your on-the-go skin looking at their best. 

Laneige Scented Card (RM 62 per box)

Laneige Scent Card is a portable diffuser that can be used to freshen up your hotel room, luggage bag, or even clothes with an alluring scent. Now you can have lovely fragrance lingering in your environment all day and the Laneige's exclusive Sleepscent helps you to relax with it's aromatic properties too. 

Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask (RM 11 each)

The new water pocket sheet masks has diamond pocket patterns that will transfer moisture as a whole to the skin for longer moisture retention. It's available in 7 different types - skin relief, white plus renew, sparkling water, water bank, water sleeping mask, time freeze and clear c, cater to skin types and concern. 

Laneige Water Science Mist (RM 79 each)

In addition to the Water Pocket Sheet Mask, there's matching Water Science Mist to keep the skin's moisture balanced all day long, even in dry environments. 

Laneige Sleeping Ball (RM 6 to RM 13 each)

Laneige's Sleeping Ball, a travel-sized sleeping mask in capsule form is certainly perfect for beauty on-the-go. 

Laneige Lip Card (RM 7 each)

If you enjoy changing your lip color throughout your trip and you have limited space in your luggage, then this innovative and compact wallet-sized lip kit is certainly what you need. With this Lip Card, you can easily carry 20 different lip colors around in your makeup bag or even purse with no problem. Highly recommended ! 

A dedicated makeup area for you to try out the makeup available at the Laneige boutique. 

The boutique opened its doors on 2 Dec 2016, just in time for holiday shopping. :)

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