Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Interview with fashion designer, Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie The iconic malaysian designer has recently launched his Ready-To-Wear collection and to celebrate, he is here to share some of his inspirations and memories of how he expanded his empire from promoting his designs at his mother's salon to 5 JStore outlets as well as 2 Couture Boutiques in Bangsar and Kota Kinabalu.

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What motivated you to venture into fashion design?
At first, I was an architecture student. At that moment, I was exposed to ‘fashion people’ and it got me involved with the modeling business. From there, I got to know the designers and some famous individuals in the fashion industry. As my interest in fashion grew and I realized that it was the path I wanted to pursue for my future, hence I decided to change my course to fashion design. A few years later when I finished school, I didn’t have a boutique yet, so I took the opportunity to use my Mother’s salon to promote the designs I made to her clients. After awhile and with some luck, I managed to open my first boutique at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

What were some of the obstacles early on in your career?
There were many obstacles I had to go through as I expanded the Jovian brand. But one of the things that stuck to me is when the people around me made fun and underestimated my dreams to be a successful designer. Guess what, today, I am proud to say with courage, patience and hard work, Jovian Mandagie is a successful brand.

How has being a fashion designer shaped your life?
Being in the real business of fashion made me realize that fashion is not just about the glamour life that many people see on the surface, it took lots hard work to be where I am today. Nothing comes easily, you have to look for all the opportunities and be professional at all times. I get to meet a lot of people in this industry and it has taught me a lot about the values of life that makes me a better person today and also to appreciate life better. The best thing I have in my career is my team, they're the reason why I want to grow my business and grow successfully. So to everyone out there, make sure to always chase your dreams and don’t give up.

What’s been your “I’ve made it” moment?
Apart from awards received and getting the brand recognized Internationally, I have always wanted women in Malaysia to wear Jovian and I know with Couture, not everyone could afford it. So when I launched my Ready-­‐To-­‐Wear collection. I was happy to see more Malaysian women wearing Jovian. Besides that, the opening of each 5 JStores and 2 Couture boutiques was a moment of achievement by it's self.

Tell us, who is the one person that inspires you the most ?
My mother is the main inspiration for everything that I have achieved today. She is a single mother and to see her go through all the struggles she had to while raising my siblings and I with love and direction, taught me to be independent and resourceful while striving for success.

Any fun plans in the future that you can share?
We are planning to expand to the Middle East by next year and other International countries too, such as Indonesia, Singapore, London, and China. Soon after, we also will be hosting our biggest show to date in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

If you have any advice for someone who is starting off in fashion design, what would it be?
Make sure to learn every technical part from designing a dress to creating a dress. This is because a lot of fashion designers today only know how to sketch beautifully but don't know how to create an actual real life dress. It is important to know every single thing; from choosing the fabrics, to cutting a fabric and ways to construct and create a dress with all it's technical detail . Hence as a fashion designer, it is important to learn all these skills and try to excel the fashion process. Also work hard to be a good leader and make sure that you can guide your team well so that they will support your vision. To be a leader is to serve not to be served !

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