Friday, January 6, 2017

Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) @ TTDI

With many coffee shops brewing at almost every street in the neighbourhood, to stand out is not common. For Common Man Coffee Roasters at TTDI, they make coffee a personal affair for the daily masses. If you appreciate good food, fresh cold brews, and coffee - CMCR welcomes food enthusiasts and caffeine connoisseurs to try out their menu. Being a speciality coffee wholesaler, CMCR provides an academy space to educate on all things coffee to those interested in the bean industry. Also they do pride themselves on the three elements of a great cup; The Bean, The Machine & The Barista.


There's also good food served here to satisfy the taste buds from brunch to lunch your choice..! A must try would be Sauteed Kale and Egg White Scramble with asparagus, sweet pea and brocolli, topped with shaved parmesan, and lemon zest crumbs, Simply delicious.

Or the ommon Man Veggie Wonderland consisting of a platter of two free-range organic eggs in any style, halloumi, spinach, confit, herbed tomato, wild mushrooms, avocado lemon and chilli, with artisanal honey-rye or multi-grain bread which will surely get you started on your day.

For lunch , try the  Grilled Juicy “Chilli” Boneless Chicken with crushed avocado salsa Even the sound of that, will get your taste buds going..:)

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Common Man Coffee Roaster (CMCR)

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CMCR Singapore
22 Martin Road #01-00 Singapore 239058
Tel : +65 6836 4695 

CMCR Kuala Lumpur
A-G-1 New Podium, Plaza Vads No. 1 Jalan Tun Mohd Faud, 60000 KL
Tel : +603 7731 7095

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