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Afternoon Tea @ Pavilions Lounge, Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL

It's been 2 years since my first visit to the Pavilions Lounge at Sheraton KL , and I decided that it would be great time for a revisit and check out whats new. It was a surprise  that so much has changed since the last time around, Read on to find out find out more.

Afternoon Tea @ Pavilions Lounge, Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL (review)

Pavilion Lounge in Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL offers buffet style afternoon tea with free flow of pastries and savories for just RM 84 per person. The pastries bar set up used to be in the center of the lounge but now with the refresh of the space, the pastries bar is set on the side, near to the windows. I personally feel that the center set up is much more convenient as you can see the whole spread in one glance as compared to the current one. but overall the space felt much more casual and spacious.

At the Pavilion Lounge, you will get a nice selection of TWG teas, which includes English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Ti Kuan Yin Superior, Magic Flute, Chamomile, Emperor White Garden, Alexandria, Pu-Erh Camelia, Grand Wedding, 1837 White Tea, Emperor Sencha, Sakura!Sakura!Sakura!, Silver Moon & Jasmine Queen.

Top Tier
Plain & Raisin Scones
Clotted Cream & Jams

The scones came out warm, fresh from the oven. First of all, I personally find it weird to dust icing sugar on the scones but surprisingly the icing sugar works well with the scones. It gives an extra kind of sweetness to the scones, pleasantly nice to eat when you pair it with the clotted cream and strawberry jams. 

Second Tier
Open face Scottish Salmon Sandwich, Creme Fraiche on Rye Bread
Truffle Scented Egg White Salad Sandwich
Smoked Turkey & Gem Lettuce Mini Wrap with Fresh Pineapple

The tea sandwiches has an excellent portion size, well executed too. To be fair it's very hard for one to mess up on the sandwiches when you're just stacking ingredients together. Anyway, just wish that the Smoked Salmon was cut into smaller and thinner slices as it was quite thick to bite through, and it gets really messy when you try to tear it. 

Third Tier
Cream Puff
Raspberry Tartlets
French Macaroons

The sweets on the bottom tier were delicate but a bit of a disappointment. It was just sweet with no depth to it. It feels like something you can get from any pastry shop down the road. Macaroons were hard as a rock and raspberry tartlets were just fresh raspberry sitting on the cream.  

Other than the 3 tiered afternoon tea set, it also includes a buffet spread of pastries and light bites. The one we had was Christmas themed but the choices of pastries are more or less the same on a regular day, The selection includes carrot cake, chocolate tartlet, eclair, pandan cake, strawberry jelly, salmon quiche, mushroom & chicken pie, marshmallows, meringues, chocolate fondue and many more...

Overall, this new afternoon tea set by Pavilions Lounge was rather a let down as compared to 2 years ago. First of all, the price has been doubled up from RM 45++ to RM 84 per person and the buffet selection has reduced in size too. They used to have scones and sandwiches in the buffet section where you can have as many as you want, but now you are only limited to 2 scones and sandwiches per person. Aside from that, the meringue and cookies glass containers on the buffet counter looks like it has been there for years with yellowish brown stains (some cleaning definitely need to be done here) and this is not something you expect to find from a 5 star hotel. The dried fruits, marshmallows and cakes look gorgeous in pictures due to the natural light from the windows but honestly, it's slightly less to be desired when you see it there as the freshness doesn't feel right . I still can't get over the inflated pricing, but I would recommend at least one visit as it's rare to find buffet afternoon tea in KL, just do not expect too much of flavour or "wow" with the food.

Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Classic Afternoon Tea Experience
2pm to 5pm daily

Priced at RM 84 nett per person

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