Friday, December 23, 2016

Moonshot Jewelry Collection

I've always believed accessories play an important role in ones outfit because that's the element that makes you different from another. With the holidays right around the corner, I've been really into accessorizing my simple and monotone outfits, with a touch of bling .  and these pretty bohemian Rainbow Moonstone jewelry from Moonstone Magic seem to do the job. Moonstone Magic was founded in Bali by a team of talented Silver craftsmen who handpick the finest Rainbow Moonstone gems to transform them into gorgeous Moonstone jewelry.

This gems have a milky cloud and cotton like finishing to it, giving somewhat a dreamy feeling to the whole look. They look great alone or mixed in with other accessories. Well, it's all about mixing and matching when it comes to fashion.

So if your looking for something light and simple Moonstone Magic has a pretty interesting collection of bracelets, rings and more , So  check'em out  at and tell me what you think..!

 love ♥,