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GrandeLips Instant Lip Plumper Set - Fuller Lips within a Swipe ?

If you have been following Smallnhot for a while now, you may have noticed my obsession with lip products. With enough lip essentials to spare from, lip gloss to lip liner on my vanity, I thought  today why not add another to the list... introducing the GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper. A hybrid of lip balm, sheer lipstick, lip gloss and botox ... Let's see if it works they way they say it does..!

GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper Set - Fuller Lips within a Swipe ? (review)

GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper Swatches (L-R) : Original Clear, Barely There, Pale Rose, Hot Fuschia
GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper Swatches (L-R) : Original Clear, Barely There, Pale Rose, Hot Fuschia

With key ingredients Volulip Hyaluronic Acid & Instaplump, GrandeLIPS' clinically proven formula hydrates dry areas and increases lip volume instantly while providing long term benefits. After twice daily use for 30 days, see an increase in hydration, volume, softness and firmness. 

You'll LIKE it if you have been wanting to have the Kyle Jenner kind of full lips without undergoing any aesthetic treatment. 

You'll HATE it if you are looking for something that's slightly more saturated. 

The GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper is the botox version of a lip gloss. They come in 4 sheer yet buildable shades ranging from clear transparent color to hot fuschia pink. The first thing I noticed was how easy they glide on and finish off with a slight tacky feeling on the lips. Usually I would stay away from lip products that has a tacky feeling when you bite our lips together, but it has such a moisturising and medium to light texture, which makes it very easy to wear, comfortable and always looks great on the lips, giving that sheer tint to my lips. Also it tasted quite sweet too. I really like the fact that my lips looks literally fuller with less "wrinkles" after applying this for 2 to 5 minutes. But I'm not sure after 30 days of using this, I'll get a fuller lips without any procedure. Anyway, will report back on this after 30 days... 

Overall, it's a nice addition to my lip products collection because I use lip balm a lot to hydrate my lips and this GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper not only hydrates but also gives me the Kylie Jenner kind of fuller lips, so I'm sure it's one I'll definitely have to repurchase. In case you are wondering, this GrandeLIPS Instant Lip Plumper Mini Set is exclusively available in Sephora USA, priced at USD 29. 


Name : Grande Lips Instant Lip Plumper Set
Price : $29 each
Where to Buy : Exclusively Available at Sephora USA (
Net Weight : 2g each 

For more information, kindly visit :-

Grande Cosmetics

Website :
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  1. Gorgeous colors,loved barely there the most!
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    1. Yeah.. that's our favourites too ! xoxo


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