Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Safilo 2016 Eyewear Collection Preview @ Vipod Suites KL, Sky Lounge

What makes a good view better? The right pair of sunglasses. Safilo recently invited us to an exclusive preview of their new collection that feature designer brands such as Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Boss Orange, Carrera, Dior Homme, Fendi, Fossil and more. Truth be told, I am not familiar with Safilo Eyewear (please don’t judge me) then again, I am not much for wearing sunglasses but I do make a point in investing in the right pair. Let’s see what does the new fall and winter collection have to offer.

Safilo 2016 Eyewear Collection Preview @ Vipod Suites KL, Sky Lounge

The Dior eyewear collection expresses glamour through past inspirations and futuristic allusions. Details like sophisticated architectural lines and the reinterpretation of the heritage signature codes, such as the cannage and oval details truly epitomizes freedom and feminine spirit that Dior aims to achieve in each design.

I am a simple girl who just loves her designer labels. For instance, the Dior 0210S sunglasses you see me wearing is my absolute favourite because it is so elegant and adds such flair. Apparently that’s something Micheal B Jordan has in common with me, so who wore it better?

Jimmy Choo also makes a glamourous impact this season with an interchangable “Lash” sunglasses. Also in this season, the “Gotha” sunglasses made from the signature plexi material from Jimmy Choo’s Candy clutch. It has a lightweight metal round sunglasses with glittered plexiglass eyebrows and gold metal details. Another interesting design is the “Ello” sunglasses that is more subtle with gold metal studs corresponding with metal arms.

Reknown designer brand, Givenchy took a rather bold approach this season which is rather evident from the “Rave” model. Inspired from the mountaineering sunglasses, this model showcases removable leather embossed with the iconic “star” pattern. I’d wear this while riding a Vespa!

If eyewear were masculine, I’d think of Carrera.  If masculinity had a face, I’d think of Jared Leto. Hence the birth of the Maverick Collection for the #OutThere characters. By definition, it simply means someone who is daring and fearlessly go after what they want. It is so light so it makes sense for go getters to be wearing this collection.

Practicality meets fashion with Polaroid’s Twist sunglasses that allow for true color perception and superior anti-glare vision, thanks to the exclusive UltraSight polarized lenses. Enjoy distortion-free vision, enhanced contrast, reduction of eye fatigue, and 100% protection from UV rays. Available for adults as well as for kids, the new models come in trendy nuances of blue, green, orange, fuchsia, gray and black. Come on, #Twinning is making a come back so get a matching set for your family why don't you.

So whats your choice? To take on the tropical weather in style!

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