Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ERH Body Lotion No.14 & Hand Nail Repair Herbal Essence No.3 - True Love of Just A Passing Fad?

Since trying out the ERH Makeup Remover which seemed to hit all the right notes , I've been really keen to sample more ERH products. So I decided to work my way through the Body Lotion No. 14 and Hand & Nail Repair Essence No. 3, which feels like a good pair when it comes to body care, So let's see if it's true love or a passing fad when it comes to the ERH product line. Read on to find out..

ERH Ultimate Hydration Duo
Body Lotion No.14 & Hand Nail Repair Herbal Essence No.3

ERH Body Lotion No.14 is a 2 in 1 lotion, moisturizing and aromatic. It helps to moisturize and reduce roughness, dullness, dryness and aging skin problems, allowing skin to fully replenish its nourishment, as well as pleasing the nose with an abundance of divine floral fragrances. 

ERH Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence No.3 contains ingredients that improve skin moisture and preventing skin from dryness and roughness. Concentrating on skin hydration while creating a layer of protective membrane. 

You'll HATE it if you are looking for a unscented kind of hydration. 

You'll LIKE it if dryness and roughness has always been your ultimate enemy because this would kick them out of your way in no time. 

What I love about body and hand lotion is the fact that I can apply it anytime of the day, keeping my skin soft. But with ERH Body Lotion No.14, it goes one step further as the hydration for my skin is comparatively longer-lasting and it leaves my skin with a smooth and soft feeling. Aside from that, the body lotion has a subtle fruity shower-gel like kind of scent. Really this body lotion is incredibly moisturizing and smells very pleasant too. As for the consistency, the texture of this reminds me very much of the Johnson Baby lotion (which I always enjoy using) but with more hydration and less greasy feeling.

If ERH Body Lotion sounds like a game changer to you, then here comes another Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence cream. As it's name suggested, this hand cream has a bit of herbally scent which is kind of interesting and new because I have never seen or felt this kind of fragrance in any hand cream or beauty products. The ERH Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence cream does the job perfectly well without being too greasy nor slippery hand slicking. I kept it in my handbag since the sizing is small, ideal for on the go application. This really is a lovely hand cream to apply and for that reason I have been moisturizing my hands more often. But if you aren't a fan of the herbally fragrance, you might find it to be less desirable .

Overall, the ERH Body Lotion No.14 has a perfect consistency for a body lotion as you don't feel like you have to massage and work it into your skin. It all just feels light and effortlessly applied but still as moisturizing as a body butter. As for the ERH Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence, it makes my hands soft and smelling herbally but as for the nail part, I need to apply it for a couple more weeks to find out...

You can grab both items, the ERH Body Lotion No.14 and Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence at http://erhgroup.com.my/ website with FREE Shipping (No Minimum Purchase Required). No worries, your body and hand can thank me later...


Name : ERH Body Lotion No.14
Price : RM 158 / SGD 51 / $35 each
Net Weight : 300ml

Name : ERH Hand & Nail Repair Herbal Essence
Price : RM 98 / SGD 31 / $22 each
Net Weight : 50g
Where to Buy : ERHgroup.com.my/product/type/body-care

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