Friday, October 28, 2016

Uniqlo New Heattech Items for 2016 LifeWear

It's that time of year again, as the chill of fall turns to the frostiness of winter and if you have holiday plans which includes a white wonderland then this is for you.

Uniqlo recently announced new items under their HEATTECH 2016 LifeWear that deliver significantly better heat retention and comfort. Responding to customer feedback, UNIQLO has increased the number of items featuring HEATTECH Extra Warm, which offers around 1.5 times more heat retention than regular HEATTECH. 

The women’s line includes figure-enhancing Comfort Beauty innerwear Body Shaper bra tops and shorts, which have been very popular pieces in the in the past. In addition, UNIQLO has developed V-neck innerwear in response to customer demand, broadening knitwear and blouse coordination options during fall and winter. 

As for the Men’s  items UNIQLO employs micro-fibers that quickly absorb and wick away sweat to offer 1.2 times faster drying performance absorbing and releasing sweat more efficiently to minimize stuffiness under clothing, a concern for many people during crowded rush-hour commutes and in heated rooms. 

Overall, I’d say this collection will get you where your going while keeping you warn as the claims have certainly lived up to its expectations at least form my point of view.

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