Friday, October 14, 2016

Speake-marin Velsheda Gothic Timepiece

The Velsheda Gothic, is an interestingly unique time piece by  Speake-Marin. The Velsheda is a single handed watch, which is placed neatly in counter balanced by a pointer at one end and an arc at the other; coupled with the fine 5-minute graduations around the peripheral chapter ring..

While the single hand extends across the diameter of the dial, its central hub is in the form of the Speake-Marin topping tool logo, as is the central seconds wheel sitting above it. The rotation of the seconds wheel on top of the slower moving hub of the hand creates ever-changing, eye-catching patterns, drawing the eye to the centre of Velsheda’s dial.

You may not be able to tell the exact time as the it gives you a 5 minute a approximation but who cares just look at the amazing sculpted design.

 The second limited edition of 8 pieces has been released to selected retailers this Autumn

Take a look at the original Gothic below:

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* First image credits to Monochrome Watches
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