Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Shop at Taobao with SG Shop (Step by Step)

If you love shopping especially online shopping and crave those discounts, you most definitely have heard of Taobao, one of the largest e-commerce websites in world. With that in mind, you'll also know the hassle of buying products from it, where you have to go through multiple agents and warehouses in China, and not to mention all the issues you may have if the parcel doesn't reach the specified forwarding warehouse.

Well, SG Shop wants to solve that for you by making it as simple as possible and giving you peace of mind when shopping for that special something. Whats even better SG Shop supports other China based e-commerce platforms too like Alibaba, Moonbasa,, and etc making it a one stop shop for all things sold from China.

So we came up with a step by step guide on how to use this great service to satisfy your shopping cravings read more to find out.

SG Shop - Taobao Agent Malaysia Shopping Guide 

Step 1 : Register an account at the SGShop website and verify your email. 

Step 2 : Pick the thing you like and ADD TO YOUR CART. 

Step 3 : Once you have finalized your CART, SUBMIT your order. 

Do note : There price might differ shipping with China Express, so once you have submitted your order, you have to stipulate the amount that you agree to top up. (ie. RMB 10, RMB 20, RMB 50). If the amount exceeds the amount you agreed to, then SG Shop will notify and stop the order. 

Step 4 : Pay for your order.

Do note : Before you proceed to the payment gateway, you will have to do a one time contact number verification via SMS. 

Step 5 : Viola ! Order Completed. 

Now just sit back and wait till your order arrives at the forwarding warehouse. Once it has arrived you will get an email notification. Then submit the order and choose the shipping method you would like for the final delivery to your door step. 

FAQ :-
1. How long will it takes for the parcel to reach my doorstep ?
It will take about 1 to 5 days for the parcel to reach the Forwarding Warehouse and after inspection and repackaging, your order will reach your doorstep in 1 to 3 days, depending on the shipping method you have selected. 

2. How much is the shipping fee ?
For the first 500g, it's RM 54 for Express Air Shipping Method (1 - 2 days), whereas the rest of the shipping method are RM 10 for the first 500g. For more shipping fee breakdown go here :

Taobao Shopping Made Easy with SG Shop ! Happy Shopping ! :)

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