Monday, September 5, 2016

1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON Technology, The Lens That Changes Everything

Being a contact lens wearer, I always have the problem of dry eyes or the contact lens doesn't seem to be in place. And will be consistently putting eye drops to keep my eyes moisturized and hydrated. With that in mind, ACUVUE is here to introduce their brand new beauty lenses, 1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE that has the ability to bring every women's eyes to life by accentuating her best assets and not to mention keeping your eyes hydrated too. So what's the fuss with this new contact lens ? Let's find out..

1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON Technology
The Lens That Changes Everything

Kevin Siew, Director of i-Care Optometry Holdings Sdn Bhd

"1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE is designed to ensure your eyes, just like your skin is always protected from the sun's damaging rays. Therefore, it is the only brand of contact lenses that comes with international standard of UV protection across its entire range of products." said Lawrence Kwan, Director of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Malaysia

1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE's Features :-

  • UV Protection for the eyes
  • BEAUTY WRAPPED IN COMFORT Technology (BWIC) ensures that your eyes will never come into direct contact with the colourants in the lenses
  • LACREON Technology comes with 20-hours cushion of moisture, keeping your eyes moisturized and hydrated until the end of the day
  • Daily disposable contact lenses gives contact lens wearer safety and convenience all time. 
  • Comes in 3 different designs and colours - Natural Shine (Dark grey limbal ring with glittering gold shine), Accent Style (Black limbal ring) & Vivid Style (Brown limbal ring).

Sounds interesting ? Well, ACUVUE is offering a nationwide trial experience for Malaysians to experience clearer, more comfortable vision with one of the most innovative lenses available in the market. 

So to get a COMPLIMENTARY PAIR of ACUVUE contact lenses, just make an eye examination appointment at your nearest ACUVUE authorized eye care professional centre or Sign up at here. *while stock last and eye examination fees apply. 

Make your appointment with ACUVUE Eye Care Professional to redeem a pair of COMPLIMENTARY Trial Lenses ! :)


Name : 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE beauty lenses
Price : RM 149 (30 lenses pack) || RM 59 (10 lenses pack)
Where to Buy : ACUVUE authorised eye care professional centre (Store Locator)

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