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Sakae Sushi Delightful 19 : New Menu & Promotion

First of all, Happy 19th Birthday to Sakae Sushi ! This Singapore-based sushi chain has just celebrated it's 19th anniversary. Started in 1997 with only one outlet in One Raffles Place (formerly known as OUB Centre) Singapore and now they have  grown to more than 200 outlets all over Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

So in conjunction with the 19th Anniversary, Sakae Sushi is here to bring its customers a fun-filled and rewarding offer which is the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion, alongside with some new dishes in the menu. Let's dig in...

Sakae Sushi Delightful 19 Dine, Match & Redeem Promotion

Sashimi Miro Aki (3 kinds) - RM 17.99

Set sail on a journey of sashimi perfection with assortment of mouth-watering air-flown fresh Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and butterfish. 

 It's fresh and buttery, you can feel each fillet of the sashimi melt in your mouth as you eat especially that buttery slice of butterfish. Pair it with some wasabi and soy sauce, it's just simply delicious. 

Tempura Moriawase - RM 13.99

Classic Japanese dish of lightly battered prawn and assorted vegetables served with dipping sauce and grated radish. 

The lightly battered tempura prawn and vegetables were very crispy and we enjoyed very much dipping them into the lovely and lightly salted dipping sauce. As the crispy shell soaks up the dipping sauce, the saltiness of it elevates the flavour of the battered tempura, making it more flavourful and delicious. 

Fuku Set - RM 28.99

A platter of your favourite sushi combination - salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi, soft shelf crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chuka mekabu gunkan. 

If you were to ask me, my favourite dish would be the Fuku Set. A very brilliant platter, great for sharing as it consists of all of my favourite sushi and not to mention it worth the value too.  

Sakae Teishoku - RM 26.99

Scrumptious Japanese set consists of grilled scallop with mentaiko mayo, breaded chicken cutlet with Japanese curry; served with rice, Sakae chawanmushi & miso soup. 

The grilled scallop coated with mentaiko mayo was incredibly creamy and rich, yet not too overpowering for the tastebuds. You still can taste the fresh and juicy scallop as you eat. I love the fact that the grilled scallop was served with breaded chicken cutlet, Japanese curry and rice. You wouldn't believe how perfectly it complemented each other. 

You will stand a chance to win some of Sakae's all-time favourite dishes and even bring home an adorable LIMITED EDITION Sakae Sushi Plushie. 

Sakae Sushi Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem

To be part of the Delightful 19 promotion, all you need to do is spend a minimum of Rm 60 in order to get hold of a Delightful Gift Card. This vibrant looking gift card consists of a puzzle sticker, and for every matching puzzle, the customer will be rewarded accordingly. 

Eg. 2 matching puzzles entitle the customer to redeem 1 FREE dish.
3 matching puzzles is equivalent to 2 FREE dishes.
4 matching puzzles will earn the customer 4 FREE dishes and 1 LIMITED EDITION Sakae Sushi Plushie (Available in 3 adorable designs - Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi & Ebi Sushi).

Alternatively, you can also purchse the Sakae Sushi Plushie at RM 29.90 only at any Sakae Sushi outlet. So what are you waiting for ? Hurry up and collect them all ! :)

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