Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 Tips When Buying Designer Bags

Hey ladies if most of you are like me, designer labels are a must or at least when I can afford...! There’s no shortage of designer bags to put on your wish list. While owning a designer bag can mean a month’s rental, and spending all that hard earned cash to me, it's a serious investment.

So we researched high and low to give you a few important tips on how to get your hands on that fabulous designer bag or that little something you have been eyeing for awhile now, Here’s what our friends at Reebonz had to say about it with top 5 smart tips for buying that designer bag !

5 Tips to Shop Smart For Your Designer Bags

1. Research!

Research, research and research sum more, Use the all seeing google to find a store online or otherwise that is trust worthy with easy access to questions you want answered such as guarantees, return policies, payment methods and warranties.

Google found that 78% of shoppers researched about luxury goods online before purchasing. So, it is important to have a trustable online platform. These shoppers are adept social media users, and have high expectations of brand’s digital campaign and presence. Luxury shoppers have an average of three connected devices.

2. Choose a high quality bag

When looking for that perfect bag you want to invest in, search for quality. Why settle for second best? This is a piece you will be carrying around – a piece of accessory that represents you, and can be easily repurposed in your wardrobe to match with different attires. It is a lifetime investment!

Photo credits to Reebonz

3. Leather or non-leather?

Leather is one of the many things in life that looks better as it grows older. Choose leather because it ages so well – it will only get better in the years to come.

Photo credits to Reebonz

4. Classic designs

Choose classic design pieces because they are timeless. You can be sure to carry timeless pieces even when the trendiest handbag is not in season. It’s a long-term investment and it will never go out of style!

5. If your buying Online Choose a trustworthy online platform – but how?

Identify an online platform that guarantees authentic goods and provide good customer service. Have a chat with them see if they are reliable.

There you have it … Hope this helps you on your quest for that one and only designer bag..

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