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SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal : Review, Cost, Pictures

Permanent Hair Removal. I didn't have any prior experience with this type of procedure but I've always wanted to try It, because it has been a hassle for me to maintain my underarm, as the hair grows comparatively faster than the other part of the body. I knew that with Permanent Hair Removal , I would end up with 90% less and finer hair, but the process of how it was achieved was lost to me.

So last month I visited  Pure Skin Hair Removal & Skin therapy at Midvalley  to give it a try and here's what I learnt.

SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal : Review, Cost, Pictures

Let's start with a short intro of the SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal procedure. SharpLight is basically the name of the machine/device that will be using IPL-DPC (Intense Pulsed Light-Dynamic Pulse Configuration) technology to reduce the hair production on your skin. With the DPC, you'll have the ability to control the pulse and wavelength energy delivered, effectively targeting the hair follicle based on individual's needs. And the best part of them all is, the further improvised "Thermo-electric Contact Cooling" will maintain a low temperature on the skin surface while high energy are delivered to the skin. Sounds too technical ? No worries, I've got it sorted out in the later section...

I've mentioned before, I had my Sharplight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal procedure done at Pure Skin in Mid Valley area. It's a very clean and cozy place with magazines for you to read while waiting for your turn and a private changing room for you to change into the robe before undergoing the procedure.

Now let's address the procedure. First, the therapist will shave your underarm, removing all the hair before starting the treatment. Then here comes the Sharplight handpiece that will transmit light to the skin. To be honest, it's nothing too exotic or hard-hitting at all, in fact it was pretty cooling. The only part that I felt a slight stinging sensation was in the middle part of my underarm because there's more hair follicles around that area that's absorbing the light. Other than that, it literally felt like nothing. at anytime, if you feel like the stinging sensation is too much, you can always inform the therapist to adjust the light level to your liking because everything is customizable from the SharpLight machine.

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, was there any gel applied like typical IPL before the therapist placed the SharpLight handpiece on my underarm. The answer is NO. There isn't a single gel applied beforehand, the treatment is seriously mess and gel-free.

Since I was only doing my underarm, it took me less than 30 minutes on both sides. Pretty fast huh...

After treatment:First 2 days after the treatment, I could see hair still growing on my underarm which is quite normal but no worries, it will fall off eventually. By the end of the week, I could see a strong different in the hair growth on my underarm. I would say it's 80% - 90% reduction of hair growth on my underarm as compared to before undergoing the treatment, definitely a plus points for that. And also the SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal procedure has no downtime, no irritation or redness on my underarm at all. The only thing that I need to avoid is to have direct contact with the sun or going to the beach and of course suntanning as all these would cause irritation on the skin.

So how much is the SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal treatment ?

Sharplight Permanent Hair Removal Cost / Price

SharpLight IPL-DPC Permanent Hair Removal treatment for underarm is RM 68 (First Trial) and RM 228 (ala carte) regardless of the amount of hair you have on your underarm. It's advisable for you to sign up for the package as such permanent hair removal treatment needs to be done every 3 weeks for 5-7 sessions to have a long-lasting result. 

It was much more easy and and comfortable then initially thought it would be.  I could get used to this hair removal stuff...

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