Saturday, June 4, 2016

RNS Luxurious Bag Collection

Bags are girls best friend because it completes your look, whether you are going for a casual or glamorous look, the choice of bag can easily add that little extra glam and chic to it. So when it comes to bags, I'm usually the classic and timeless kinda girl because those are the kind of bags that can go with almost everything in my closet. And lately I came across this website that sells some classic and timeless looking kind of bags which is quite affordable too. So if you are planning to invest on a bag that can go with most of your outfit, then scroll down to find out more...

Here's my top 5 pick of the RNS Luxurious Bags that can easily pair with any outfit for any occasion.

1. Be Exclusive Quilted Clutch. This classic quilted bag design in black can definitely go with any outfit whether it's a pair of distressed jeans or a long gown, you can always bring this along.

2. Exclusive Double Flap Quilted. If black is not your favourite color, then go with nude. Nude is like the silent black because it goes with any outfit, just like a black colored bag.

3. The Lux Satchel. This is my kind of "you can fit everything in yet still look chic" kind of bag.

4.  Luxe Chain Quilted Flap. You can never have too many nude. I love the mix of leather and chain strap, giving a touch of masculine presence to the bag. I would say it's perfect for those that's looking for a balance between a girly and not-so-girly bag.

5. Chev Classic Flap. This bag is more of a statement bag. Dont get me wrong, you still can wear anything with it because the design is pretty minimal and classic. I like this bag because it's gives a pop of color and personality to a casual outfit and also a red carpet dress.

That round up my top 5 pick of the RNS Luxurious Bag Collection. Oh yeah, did I mention that all of these bags are on Special Pre-Order for Aidilfitri sale ? The RNS Special Pre-Order will be from today until 10 June 2016 and you'll be getting your bag by 27 June or even earlier, just in time for Raya.

Also if you purchase RM 600 & above, you'll get FREE BRAIDED WALLET too ! 

So if you want to get a new bag for Raya, hurry up and order now before it's too late ! 

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