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Esse Plus Premium Anti-Ageing Probiotic Organic Skincare Review

As much as I’d like to argue that there is simply too much skincare products in the market, its products like Esse that reminds me that there are a lot of different skin types to consider and having an effective organic skincare certainly makes a difference. When I first heard about the South African skincare called Esse, I was sure this was going to be pretty great because of South Africa’s reputation of being the home of almost a quarter of the world’s plant species. So if anyone can do organic right, it has to be them.

Esse Plus Premium Anti-Ageing Probiotic Organic Skincare : Probiotic Serum & Moisturizer

Trying out the serum first, I found that it was very rich even when I was putting a tiny amount that was no bigger than a 10 sen coin (Malaysia) . You can feel the tightening of your skin and intense hydration upon the application. My skin has never felt more alive. Then I applied the defense moisturizer, which is a layer of protection that makes your skin almost invincible to harmful external environments. Hazy weather? No problem.

Though I’d say it’s a hefty price point but if you are particularly sensitive and are looking for a vegan option with the additional factor of being cruelty-free and provides effective protection with hydration then it is certainly worth every penny. Plus, with the tiny amounts that you need to use daily, I would dare say that it could last you about 3 months or so which is worthwhile. Of course, that depends on your face size.


Name : Esse P Probiotic Serum
Price : RM 690 each
Net Weight : 30ml

Name : Esse P Restorative Moisturizer
Price : RM 700 each
Net Weight : 50ml

Where to Buy : Sora Beauty, Tranquility Spa & Wellness, I Perfect Aesthetic (details as below)

For more information, kindly visit :-

Esse Skincare

Esse Organic Skincare is available for purchase at the following outlets :

Sora Beauty
No.20-A, Jalan Rodat 3/KU5,
Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 012-636 6324

Tranquility Spa & Wellness Sdn. Bhd.
Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, IOI Resort City, 62502 Sepang Utara, Malaysia
Tel:03-8949 8888 Ext:1998/9

I Perfect Aesthetic Sdn.Bhd.
No.10-2, Jalan C180/1,
Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras,
Tel: TBA

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