Monday, May 9, 2016

Kipling KAEON Collection Launch ft The Jungle Book Movie

Let’s open with a fun fact shall we….Kipling monkeys that come with every bag are named after a Kipling employee from around the world.  The launch was held at TGV Cinema in 1 Utama mall and I liked how everything went according to the scheduled time.

Kipling is a Belgian bag brand that was founded in 1987 by friends Vincent Haverbeke, Xavier Kegels and Paul Van De Velde in Antwerp. These three musketeers wanted a name that would roll easily off everyone’s lips so they choose to name the brand after The Jungle Book author Rudyard Kipling. So it was a no brainer that Kipling launch their KAEON Collection on the first day of The Jungle Book movie screening.

Kilpling KAEON Collection 2016 Launch

Back to the bags, I like how this collection uses colours and patterns to truly bring out the playful spirit of The Jungle Book. To those not familiar with the brand please do not mistake my use of the word “playful” to mean kiddie bags! Kipling has a wide variety of bags suitable for all ages and fashion taste.

Kipling KAEON Ready Now & Life Saver

These two bags can be for the 9-5 corporate girl or the fashionable stay at home mom doing her errands. Though both bag collections are corporate friendly I find the Life Saver line more fun because it has colour blocking.

Kipling KAEON Blocky Friend & Fuzzy Friend

My favourites of the whole collection! As one of the names suggestion these two bags just bring out that fuzzy fun feeling out of you.  They are cute yet stylish and could be taken to any kind of event.

Kipling KAEON On A Roll

The On a Roll backpack sub-collection is perfect for anyone who likes backpacks whether a teen or adult. This sub-collection comes in two colours, red and black.

Oh ya, I have totally forgotten about the movie! Great movie, it captures the book in all aspects and is great fun for the whole family.

I was already a fan of the book, now I am a fan of Kipling bags. Never too late to get your Mum a Mother's Day gift…why not surprise your mom with one of these Kipling KAEON bags! :)

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