Friday, May 20, 2016

I workout with #mycalvins

One question that I always get asked is why do you work out. Well the reason is simple, I work out so I can eat all the delicious food I want without feeling guilty and of course work out makes me feel good too. The satisfaction you get after a good work out is seriously priceless. Sadly I am not a very discipline person when it comes to working out, so I would usually get some cute and comfy work out clothes to motivate myself to work out and it really works. My recent favourite work out clothes are from Calvin Klein Performance. I am so glad that Calvin Klein came out with Calvin Klein Performance, a full range of cute and pretty clothes specifically for work out, so many choices to stay pretty and fit at the same time. :)

In case you are wondering, Calvin Klein Performance store is now at Level 5, Pavilion KL. 

Sports Bra - Calvin Klein Performance
Legging - Calvin Klein Performance
Wind Breaker Jacket - Calvin Klein Performance
Sneakers - Adidas NEO
Sunglasses - Pottglasses

 love ♥,