Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cuepido Cosmetics Skincare Favourites

Changing up my skincare routine is something that I do quite often because life is just too short to be using the same moisturizer, serum or cleanser all the time. And I am always curious with all the new technology infused or used in the beauty products, so it's definitely a must to try. So this few weeks, I have been trying out three products from Cuepido Cosmetics or should I say, three skincare products from Cuepido Cosmetics that have shown heap of benefits to my skin. You'll going to love this...

The Three Must-Have Cuepido Cosmetics Skincare 

Let's start off with the Cuepido Cosmetics Luminous Beauty Essence. This is the product that I use for both day and night, right after cleanser. I will pour a small amount of the essence onto a cotton pad then swipe it all over my face before padding into the skin. The consistency is of water, absorbs into the skin within seconds. After absorbing the essence, you'll feel the soft and hydrated texture on your skin, as tho your skin has drank a whole bottle of water. The smell of it is rather powdery and could be overpowering to some but I personally do like the smell of powder, so it's totally fine with me. 

The next step that goes on top of this is serum. Cuepido Cosmetics Luminous Beauty Serum rejuvenates and brightens the skin. This is to be used twice a day for best result. Usually I would only apply serum in the evening but I use the Luminous Beauty Serum as it suggested, just to ensure that I will see the result and mainly because the texture doesn't feel heavy on my skin, unlike some serum where it feels like you have layers of products on. The ingredients it contains, locks in water in your skin to fight off dullness, revealing the hydrated and brighter skin beneath. And I certainly notice my skin looks brighter the days after using. Oh yeah, did I mention that I totally fell in love with the scent of it ? It literally smells like orange juice. ;P

Looking at the Cuepido Cosmetics Rich Mineral Moisture Gel tub, I think this is probably the product that I am going to finish up fastest. Being in this super duper warm country and not to mention the haze, my skin has been seriously dry. My T-Zone can look like a greasy fry pan within minutes, that's why I am always on the lookout for products that can provide the right amount of moisture to my skin without making it feel heavy nor under-moisturized. Although this is a gel-based moisturizer, it certainly does the trick of providing the sufficient moisture like a cream-based moisturizer without the heavy feeling on my skin. The Rich Mineral Moisture Gel is very lightweight and pack with moisturizing properties. I have to say the texture is indeed addictive, I am a big fan !

Other than that, I've got a few Cuepido Cosmetics Makeup products too, do drop me a comment if you would like to know my thought of it. :)


Name : Cuepido Cosmetics Luminous Beauty Essence
Price : RM 250 / SGD 84 / $ 62.08 each
Net Weight : 120ml

Name : Cuepido Cosmetics Luminous Beauty Serum
Price : RM 210 / SGD 70 / $ 52.15 each
Net Weight : 30ml

Name : Cuepido Cosmetics Rich Mineral Moisture Gel
Price : RM 280 / SGD 94 / $69.53 each
Net Weight : 50ml

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