Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anlene MoveMax Launch @ Glasshouse Seputeh, KL

Ready for something new ? Recently Anlene has just launched a brand new formula that contains all the essential nutrients for bones, joints as well as muscle. Say hello to the new Anlene MoveMax!

If you are a regular Anlene consumer then this is definitely something you should try because this new Anlene formulation with MoveMax contains nutrients such as Calcium, Collagen, Protein, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamins B, C, D & E to care for your bones, joints and muscles. So now it's not only about your bones, but movement in total, the new formula is to make everyone move as young as you feel inside. How it tastes ? It's delicious and nutritious, nothing much I can ask for when it comes to a glass of milk, but personal favourite would have to be the chocolate flavour. You know my affair with chocolate... :P

Move As Young As You Feel Inside with 

"We are going two steps further by not only encouraging Malaysians to look after the health of the bones, but their entire muscoskeletal system, made up of bones, joints and muscles." - said Mr. Paulo Ocampo, Marketing Manager Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore.

In conjunction with the launch in Glasshouse Seputeh, Anlene has arranged some easy yet challenging exercise for everyone to learn about the new Anlene MoveMax and as well as to have a taste of the youthful movement, which includes trampoline jumping, tyre swing in a tree house, hopscotch and arcade dance moves.

You can easily get the brand new Anlene MoveMax from all leading supermarkets nationwide and available in the powdered form as well as in the yoghurt form. As usual, the powdered form comes in plain and chocolate flavour while the Anlene MoveMax yogurt has 4 delicious and nutritious variants : plain, mango, strawberry and mixed berries.

So head down to your nearest store now to get the brand new Anlene MoveMax and Move As Young As You Feel Inside ! :)

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