Friday, April 15, 2016

Menstru Heat Review – 100% Natural 12+hrs Heat Patch For Menstrual Cramps & Backache

A little backstory! About 8 years ago I fell into a ditch (don’t ask!) , this resulted in a back injury I will probably have for life. A month ago I was in a car accident that opened old wounds so to say. With all this backache drama, I am always on the lookout for products than can ease the pain. This search has recently led me to Menstru Heat Pack by PSLOVE.

Menstru Heat Pack For Menstrual Cramps & Backache

PSLOVE is a Singaporean company set up sorely for this product. Like many women who suffer from those abdomen crippling aches that accompany Aunt Flo, the owner decided to come up with a product that could help relieve the “joy” that is menstrual cramps.

Ok, as usual I will go for the areas that need improvement first. Dear PSLOVE please make the adhesive a bit stronger. The patch kept falling off my back. Another reason to make it stronger, the heat lasts surprisingly very long so if the adhesive is strong you can move the patch to your arms or wherever you feel muscle soreness. Last suggestion, as time goes on the patch becomes quiet stiff. Make the patches flexible so that one can wrap them around their muscles, for example arms or legs.

As painful as my menstrual cramps can be, this previous month the uterus gods where merciful to me so I used the heat packs on my back and arms. The longevity of the pack is miraculous! I applied the heat patch about 10am morning, 3pm the following day it was still warm. The 12+hrs writing on the pack is dead on ladies. It works!

Maybe it was just in my head but I felt like the temperature kept going higher and higher, which is good for me. The patch does get quiet warm so if you feel the heat is too much, the recommendation is that you stick the patch outside of your clothes. Of all the product reviews this is one product I believe in the most as it’s more personal to me. It is with sincerity that I recommend the Menstru Heat pack for anyone who needs some long lasting muscle pain relief.

Menstru Heat…A product that 100% does what it says it does!!


Name : Menstru Heat
Price : RM 17.63 / $4.50 (2 pieces)
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