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Exclusive Interview with Amber Sze, the bridal designer for AMBERSZE LONDON

After watching AMBERSZE London's bridal collection during The Wedding KL 2016 fashion show (if you have missed it, check it out here), I truly found the collection amazing. Love how Amber added a modern twist into the typical wedding gown, making it feel fresh yet elegant at the same time. So let's find out more about how did this young and upcoming designer...started it all...

Amber Sze Talks About AMBERSZE London

Amber S. started off as a fashion design student in University of Arts London majoring in womenswear and now she is the designer behind AMBERSZE London, her very own brand of handmade Bridal & Evening wears. Small N Hot managed to conduct an email interview with Amber to talk about the work behind her collection, her beginnings and challenges of life as a young designer.

What motivated you to venture into fashion design?

My motivation came straight from a deep passionate love for clothing designs, especially when comes to soft fabrics like tulles (a kind of net in French). This passion started when I was about 5-6 years old and has never left me. 

When I was young, I was often looked after by my grandmother, a freelance seamstress, who loves making dresses and sometimes she would create something for the grandchildren. I used to  pick up left over fabrics from my grandmothers work area and started hand-stitching by myself. It was purely for fun, but as time went on fun had developed into a strong passion for fashion and design.

What were some of the obstacles early on in your career?

The biggest challenge I had in the early stages of starting AMBERSZE was managing different tasks and positions all at once. 

It’s not just about creating designer pieces, It’s the whole big picture that had to do with the business where I had to be involved in marketing, accounting, PR and so on. As well as putting together a good team that has the same vision as you. Last but not least, FUNDING!

How has being a fashion designer shaped your life?

There’s 3 ways it has you could say shaped me . 
a) Having independence and being More INDEPENDENT!
b) You grow up!, being able to  handle  your emotions better and wiser, to be able to multitask, take criticism, and always ready to face new challenges!
c) It Keeps me humble and more grateful for things.

What’s been your “I’ve made it” moment?

At this stage of my life, I would say… I’ve landed myself my own brand AMBERSZE.

We love your bridal collection. Any fun plans in the future that you can share?

Thank you !. The reason I built  this company is not just about bridal lines. We’ll be coming up with a Ready-to-wear line soon..! Which our team and investors are in the midst of developing. My vision for AMBERSZE is platform where passionate fashion designers can come and be a part  of the team and grow with us and create something great. 

If you have any advice for people who are starting off with fashion design, what would it be?

Two words. Passion, Attitude. Love what you do and never give up easily, eventually results will show one day. I always tell people about “paying your dues”, don’t be afraid about sacrificing  your time and affort. Always have a good attitude!

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