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Under Armour's Pioneer CoolSwitch Technology in New Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Celebrating International Women's Day , Under Armour has teamed up with Biotherm to support good health and good skin with the art of Yoga. The sportswear brand Under Armour pioneered the CoolSwitch technology to ensure optimal fitness performance. Flow Yoga by Atilia Haron, Under Armour Brand Athlete, was one of the highlights of the event. "Just trust yourself, if you fall you would know what to do," she says, in the midst of the session. I found that to be empowering, we can all relate in building our confidence level and believing in ourselves more. :) Biotherm's workshop covers post-workout glow with their unique ingredient, Plankton Essense in their products. Briefly, they showed how to help relax your face with simple face yoga steps.

Under Armour's Pioneer CoolSwitch Technology in New Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
(International Women's Day with Biotherm)

The new Spring/Summer 2016 collection by Under Armour this month showcases it's new CoolSwitch technology. Owning up to their Rule Yourself campaign with the tagline, "You are the sum of all your training"; encourages willpower, perseverance and to go the extra mile. Fitness enthusiasts can choose to incorporate innovative sportswear into their personal fitness journey. With that being said, Under Armour has come up with a technology that cools you down to help you perform longer and better. The latest collection from the performance apparel hits stores in mid-February.

CoolSwitch aims in cooling your body and skin when you start to heat up or sweat. How cool is that! No pun intended. It works by blending three active cooling agents, each giving specific benefits in helping athletes to stay cool during a whole course workout. The initial ingredient pulls heat energy away from the skin, second is activated by sweat and the final 'crystal print' absorbs and stores heat energy changing from solid to liquid. What I found to be interesting is that the final ingredient is the same technology used in NASA spacesuits! This unique technology is what separates the brand from other apparels. You can hope to find these in their new apparels, Under Armour CoolSwitch Compression shirt, Women Capri Tights and Run Short Sleeve T-shirt, all specially designed.

Updated designs are also released to the brand's key ArmourVent, HeatGear technology and for the Armour Bra.

The Under Armour Spring/Summer 2016 Collection are available at all Under Armour Brand Houses and shop-in-shops from February 2016. The starting price ranges from RM29 to RM1,099.

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