Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trendi Changing the Game of Travelling in Malaysia with Dorsett KL

When I think that Trip Advisor and Expedia is enough to satisfy your travel needs, here comes Trendi to prove me wrong and I like it. My initial impression prior to going to the launching was that this was going to be some app introduced to benefit the hospitality industry. Little did I know, they were up to something that would completely develop your travelling experience.

Trendi Changing the Game of Travelling in Malaysia 
with Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

Here’s a little context on Trendi’s profile. It is a flagship travel platform under Zuger International that aims to provide superior travelling experiences to the wanderlust travellers in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. How does it work?

1) Pick a hotel that offer’s the Trendi Phone in your room (ie; Dorsett KL)
2) Enter your room and use it to your hearts content!

You can explore options like using Whatsapp, browsers and scroll through to see nearby happenings and merchants with reviews even. You can even use the phone to make unlimited local calls, sms and 3G data during your stay.

If your worried about slippery fingers or accidentally losing the phone well heres the cost of repairs or lost fee. Truth be told, rather than lose your RM 2k smartphones with all your contacts and information , I’d much rather take my chances using Trendi. Also if you’re worried about security, this phone wipes out all of your information upon check out.

Lets get down to technical stuff, the device is equipped with iBeacon technology, which keeps users in the know, providing them with up-to-date information on the latest local offers. So you don’t need to reach for the room phone to place an order. You just have to access the hotel service in the phone and place your order and charged straight to your room. Goodbye Room Service slip-ups.

I feel the need to tell you a story. About a traveler who went to Hanoi sometime last year. It was a class trip to Hanoi. She recently got an Iphone 6 and was looking forward to just go around take a ton of pictures. One night, she and several classmates went out for a night in town and hailed a cab back after all the fun. Upon returning, the traveller realized her Iphone 6 was gone but remembered the details of the driver and company. She didn’t consider on getting the local simcard as it was a short trip so the phone usage was mostly relied on Wifi Hotspots. After getting the hotel to call the company and drivers, it was all for naught and the phone was untraceable. The traveller then just could not enjoy the trip as much after losing connectivity.

That traveller was me. So you can probably imagine why I think Trendi is an amazing innovation. I am pretty sure if Trendi launched in Vietnam at the time, I would have still had my phone and enjoyed the rest of the trip. I can say with all certainty that Trendi is needed and would be a great asset to travellers to maximise their travelling experience. Wanna try it out? Book a room with Dorsett Kuala Lumpur. Better be quick! Cause it is only available in 100 rooms.

Happy Travels :)

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