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Hue Floresta White-A-Fair (Soy Yogurt Filtrate) Routine

Korean beauty has affected us so much, putting Asian girls in the pursue of skin brightening and whitening, just to get that translucent and bright skin like the all the Koreans actress in the movie. This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I started watching Korean dramas. So I thought I share with you guys my skincare routine in getting that fair and translucent skin...Hello Hue Floresta White-A-Fair skincare ;)

the WHITE-A-FAIR with Hue Floresta

Hue Floresta's White-A-Fair skincare is based on soy fermentation which is the same Micro-Bio technology with SK-II, that uses the main ingredient - pitera (derives from rice fermentation). Comparing both raw material, soy has richer nutrient than rice which eventually makes it much better for our skin. There's 7 products in this range, ranging from cleanser to essence, to mask to moisturizer and even foundation. So let's me share with you which products do I use for my day and evening skincare routine....

In the morning routine, first up is cleanser. I'll lather the Purifying Facial Cleanser on palm and massage it gently on my face, removing all the impurities. Then as a bit of a toner/lotion duo I'll apply the Revitalising Treatment Essence. It's one of my favourite product from the range because my skin feels refreshing and supple after applying this. And not to mention, it smells very pleasant too. In days where the weather could get a bit warm and dry, I would soak the cotton pad/sheet mask with the Revitalizing Treatment Essence and let it rest on my face for a good 5 minutes. It's like an immediate pick-me-up for tired and dry skin. So after all the essence and mask, you'll notice that the moisturizer (Day Protection Cream SPF 30) will sink in easily. To finish off the morning routine, they have the Natural Pearl Foundation. I personally find the shade is too bright for my skin and the texture is rather thick to apply on skin, it takes a while to blend it out tho.

The evening routine is more or less the same, just one tweak to the routine. Yup. You've got it right. It's the night cream ! And the scheduled night cream is Hue Floresta Night Repair Emulsion. The texture is rather unique to me because it's in between a gel and cream texture but it works great on my skin to give that extra pump of hydration in the evening.

So that sums up my WHITE-A-FAIR day and night routine. Once in a while when I'm looking for some skin pampering, I would pop in the Exfoliant after cleansing to remove my dead skin cell and then put on a serious no joke pick-me-up mask, the Intense Whitening Treatment Mask. It's pack with all the Soy Yogurt Filtrate that works deep into the skin, leaving my skin hydrated and firm.

A whole new range of whitening skincare, goodbye to dull and tired skin, hello to fresh, dewy and radiant skin. ;)


Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Purifying Facial Cleanser
Price : RM 112 / SGD 38.38 / $28.36 each
Net Weight : 100g 

Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Revitalising Treatment Essence
Price : RM 189 / SGD 64.91 / $47.96 each
Net Weight : 100ml 

Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Day Protection Cream SPF 30 / Night Repair Emulsion
Price : RM 167 / SGD 57.36 / $42.37 each
Net Weight : 30g 

Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Exfoliant
Price : RM 149 / SGD 51.20 / $37.83 each
Net Weight : 50g 

Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Intensive Whitening Treatment Mask
Price : RM 189 / SGD 64.91 / $47.96 each
Net Weight : 5 pieces / box

Name : Hue Floresta White-A-Fair Natural Pearl Foundation
Price : RM 275 / SGD 94.49 / $69.81 each
Net Weight : 30g 

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