Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shop with Zalora discount codes and cashback with ShopBack

Many of you have been asking how does Shopback works. How will I be getting my money back from shopping ? Do you know that you can find best fashion deals from ShopBack like discount codes for our favourite fashion online store Zalora and ASOS. Did I mention that there's even deals from other merchants like Reebonz discount code too ? Other than fashion deals, you can also get beauty products with Sephora vouchers from Shopback. So let's get started with How to Shop with discount codes and cashback with Shopback....

How to Shop with Zalora Discount Codes and Cashback with Shopback

Step 1 : Pick the shop that you would like to shop and get cashback from. In this case, we use Zalora as an example since I am planning to get some shoes from Zalora.

Step 2 : Click on the shop's logo and a window with today's cashback amount with more details will pop up.

Step 3 : Once you click shop now, you'll be redirected to Zalora website

Step 4 : Start shopping at Zalora.

Step 5 : You'll find the cashback record within 4 days of your order under the "Redeemable" column. And cashback will only valid if the transaction is successful, eg. no refund has been made for your order within 30 days and etc.

Step 6 : Then start all over again, shop more and save more with Zalora coupons ! :)

Other than getting cashback from your shopping, do drop by Shopback Singapore to learn about the biggest events and offers like the IT Show 2016 too. 

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