Monday, March 14, 2016

Everyday Curls Tutorial for Short Hair

When I decided to get a chop, I was under the impression that short hair would be much easier to manage and I was wrong because it's much harder to maneuver the curling iron now to curl the hair at the back of my head. But anyway, I found something that makes my short hair curling routine much easier now, which is the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron from Irresistible Me. So I thought maybe a everyday curls for short hair tutorial would be a great way to show you guys how to use this new Auto-Rotating Curling Iron.

Everyday Curls Tutorial for Short Hair
ft Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron from Irresistible Me

The tutorial is quite easy-peasy because the curling iron will be doing most of the work. ;)

Hair Curling Essentials : Lucido-L Hair Curl Lotion <Airy> (Left); Tracia O2 Shield Hair Spray Super Hold (Right)

Hair Curling Essentials : Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron by Irresistible Me

You'll need :
- Lucido-L Hair Curl Lotion <Airy>
- Tracia O2 Shield Hair Spray Super Hold 

Step 1 : Start off with the "un-curled" hair. 

I prefer to start off with 2nd day hair as it has more texture and holds the curl much better as compared to a newly washed hair. But it's totally up to you because my hair is quite straight by itself so 2nd day hair would be a easier to curl.

Step 2 : Spray the Lucido-L Hair Curl Lotion on the strand of hair before curling. It will hold the curl much better this way rather than spraying it randomly. 

Step 3 : Curl your hair with the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curler. Just wrap the strand around the curler one time and then click on the "L" or "R" button to rotate the curler, it will automatically pick up the remaining hair and curl it. Repeat the step until you have curled all your hair.

If your hair is on the thick and stubborn side, you can also opt to increase the temperature of the curling iron up to 415F to curl it. But my advice is to start off with the lowest temperature first, if it doesn't give you a firm curl, then slowly increase it one temperature higher until you get the desired firmness of the curl.

Step 4 : Randomly spray the Tracia O2 Shield Hair Spray Super Hold all over your hair. This step is quite important because I notice that short hair is harder to hold the curl, so hair spray would fix the curl, making it more long-lasting. 

Viola, this is my everyday curls for short hair tutorial. Hope it helps you in curling your short hair. :)


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