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Valentine’s Day Dinner @ Sky 360, e-City Hotel One City

Sky360 e.City Hotel Valentine's Day Dinner

Sigh, love is in the air and you know what that means! Yup, It’s that time of year again where love conquers all. A special time to go all out to show just how much you love that special someone with romance and passion. So for this year, why not pamper your special sweetheart with a romantic four course set at Sky 360 in e-City Hotel.

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Sky 360, e.City Hotel

Now we all know that a way to a man or a woman’s heart is through their stomach, so of course for this Valentine’s Day, Sky 360 will be pulling all of its stops with their four course dinner set package at RM128 nett (per person) which comes with a complimentary stalk of rose per couple during the dinner.


Foie Grass Mousse with Nut Bread, Truffle Mascarpone Cheese, Apple Chutney & Fruit Salsa

Let’s talk about the food. For the four course dinner, it’ll compromise of an appetizer, soup, main course, dessert. Now let’s start off with the appetizer, it’s a foie grass mousse with nut bread, truffle mascarpone cheese, apple chutney and a fruit salsa. I truly enjoyed appetizer especially the nut bread and the apple chutney because it was such a refreshing and fun take on a classic ingredient.


Seadood Bouillabaisse with a Spicy Mango Pannacotta

As for the soup, it was a seafood bouillabaisse with a spicy mango pannacotta. Now this soup contained all of the classic seafood ingredients like shrimp, muscle, scallop just to name a few, but what set apart this dish from just any typical seafood soup was the spicy mango pannacotta as it was unique in taste and provided the needed crunch to increase the overall experience of the dish.

For the main course, you’ll be able to choose from three dishes of which are: the steamed almond crusted cod fish, the chicken supreme with date, and the slow cooked Angus Wellington beef.


Steamed Almond Crusted Cod Fish

Chicken Supreme with Date

Slow Cooked Angus Wellington Beef

I ordered the beef because personally I’m a meat lover, and I must say that the dish was definitely worth the choice as it was juicy as well as appealing plating wise. I want to also highlight the creative use of ingredients by the chef by incorporating what rather seems normal root vegetables into colorful purees. I also tried out the chicken supreme, and it’s definitely something I would recommend to those looking for a chicken dish but with a sweet taste to it. Just like the beef dish, the chefs used creative techniques to incorporate their ingredients into appealing side dishes.


Raisin Chocolate Cake 

Finally the dessert was a raisin chocolate cake layered with raspberry creameux accompanied with cube brownies, miniature meringue, almond cinnamon crumble and  vanilla fresh cream. The dessert was an assortment of classic dessert dishes and was an overall crowd pleasure. It was the perfect sweet ending after a hearty meal. Of course dessert wouldn’t have been complete without some coffee and little praline chocolates to end the day.

For Valentine’s Day, e-City Hotel will be offering two packages (Package A) which was stated above RM 128 nett per person, and (Package B) of which would consist the four course dinner meal, a 2 day 1 night stay, and breakfast buffet for 2 pax only for RM339 nett!

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