Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How To Apply Instant Nail Applique (Step by Step)

For me, the thing about manicures and pedicures is that it usually ends up on the lower end of my monthly maintenance list. The reason being is that  there are so many processes that is rather time consuming .  I  used get so green with envy with I see some girls with their pretty nail designs but that ends now, thanks to Love Nail’s instant nail applique.

Sasa Love Nails Instant Nail Applique (How To Apply)

First impressions would probably make you think that this is just some nail stickers that are already available in the market. You would be half right . It is actually an unconvential new way for you to apply liquid nail polish by transforming it into innovative stickers. All it takes is some simple steps to get that enviable designs on your nails. Scroll down for more.

Just before I share with you the simple steps of application, let me just list down some of the features you can look forward to. First, each nail sticker has three layers consisting of base coat, color coat and top coat.  My favourite feature is the zero drying time so I don’t have to fret on being so fragile with my fingers for long hours.

Another cool feature is the plethora of designs to choose from that also come in various lengths , shapes and sizes. Even nails need to breath, so with that in mind each sticker has soft materials that can be easily extended to create perfect nails and numerous invisible holes to give breathing room.  Now that you know more about Love Nails , I share no longer with hold the steps to your awesome nails .

Step 1
First things first, doing the simple prep work by making sure you have a manicure stick, nail file and your Love Nail designs ready (All items available in each box) .

Firstly, make sure you got clean nails that are already somewhat evenly shaped (perfection is a myth).

Now pick which finger that you want to apply the design on and pick the right size for the finger nail. My suggestion is always go for the one that looks bigger you’re your nail because you can just file away the extra bits. Although, I am pretty sure you can easily find a fitting size.

Step 2
Next, you just have to take out two pieces of plastic on the front and back of the nail design that you choose.

Step 3
Gently place the design on your nail and use the manicure stick to even out any possible bubbles.

Step 4
Once your happy with how it looks, just use the nail file to cut off the extra bits. Do make sure its filed downwards.

And there you have it! You now have manicure fresh nails . Easy peezy right?

Whats really great about Love Nails is the fact that it has 20 nail strips so each box comes with mani and pedi designs. The box also has sealing stickers so that you can seal the opened bag to prevent nail strips from hardening.  Since the moment the nail strips dry it , its basically nail polish.

I can imagine this being an addition to my all girls sleepover . Skipping the major messes of doing nail art on our own and minimizing the time consumption. I’d say it takes some getting used to so if you can get your hands on a trial pack first then it would be pretty good but if you have experience in doing nail arts then this should be a breeze. Well if you are planning to give this a try , do post up your designs. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Love Nail Instant Nail Applique is now available exclusively in all Sa Sa shops retailing at RM49.90 – RM 54.90.


Name : Love Nail Instant Nail Applique
Price : RM 49.90 - RM 54.90 each
Where to Buy : Sasa Outlets
Net Weight : 20 nail strips per box

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