Monday, February 22, 2016

Sorabee Grand Opening @ Da:Men USJ

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite K-pop star maintains their youthful and radiant look, then look no further because you might find you’re answers at Sorabee – a popular premier Korean brand that caters to your beauty needs.

Grand Opening of Sorabee, Korean Skincare

With the grand opening of the brand new Da:Men USJ Shopping Mall, Sorabee makes its debut featuring it’s beauty products that many of their fans have grown to love. The Korean brands immensely popular Aqua Cream drew it’s fans far and near. You’ll be able to spot them through their inviting blue ocean inspired walls to accentuate the marine based products.

If you are wondering what Sorabee means, Sora means “Sea” and Bee is “honey” in Korean, essentially translating to as “honey from the sea”. What sets this brand apart from the rest is their ability to extract high quality collagen from the sea star, which plays an important role in skincare.

Rich with collagen and minerals, the potent combination of Sorabee products helps with combating skin problems whilst still repairing one’s damaged skin cells as well as promoting skin elasticity. With majority of Sorabee’s products, you’ll find that most of them are water-based providing intense moisturizing properties without the sticky sensation.

What I enjoyed about their products was mainly how light weight they felt when you apply it on your skin. Just as how they’ve promised, their products provide enough moisture minus the sticky sensation. Also, their prices are completely accessible as they are priced just about right starting from RM63.60 all the way to RM121.90.

So do drop by Sorabee outlet in Da:Men Shopping Mall and check it out. :)

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