Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MIXXO, SPAO & WHO.A.U @ Parkson, Pavilion KL

Malaysia’s leading retailers, Parkson, recently debuted Korea’s leading fast fashion brands to Malaysia featuring: MIXXO, SPAO and WHO.A.U exclusively at Parkson Pavilion! Shoppers can expect the latest trends and fashion-forward runway garments all at a bargain making it perfect for all fashionistas out there.

Parkson Debuts MIXXO + SPAO + WHO.A.U

To showcase the three brands, celebrities, fashionistas, lifestyle media were invited at the exclusive private party. To show support, celebs wore their best outfits from SPAO, MIXXO, and WHO.A.U’s latest collection. You can find all three brands situated in Parkson Pavilion spanning three levels. Scroll down to find out more about the MIXXO, SPAO, WHO.A.U collection... :)

Each brand brings a certain style unique to its own. SPAO offers a large variety of items made with a vision of simple yet personalized style including casual wear for men and women. It also features suits, sportswear and accessories. Price range is from RM39 – RM699, and is located on Level 3, Parkson Pavilion.

SPAO, Parkson

MIXXO is one of Korea’s top brand’s in women’s apparel and features a collection that allows its shoppers to mix and match freely from their basics and special designs. MIXXO features work, leisure and party outfits along with accessories and bags. The brand also collaborates with Korean KPOP Girl Group, Girls’ Generatioin-TaeTiSeo (TTS). Price range is from RM39 – RM499, and is located on Level 4, Parkson Pavilion.

MIXXO, Parkson

WHO.A.U. represents the ultimate Californian culture and spirit featuring laid back designs to capture the lifestyle. WHO.A.U is ideal for those looking for a sporty and active laid back look featuring vintage California print tee’s, boyfriend jeans and many more. Price range is from RM19 – RM549, and is located on Level 5, Parson Pavilion.


I loved almost everything from all three collections, but if I had to pick I would definitely go with MIXXO’s collection because it was the ultimate shabby chic look that can never go wrong. But, I just have to mention WHO.A.U’s collection because just looking at the clothes makes me want to book a trip to the closest beach for the ultimate chillout session.

So what are you waiting for? Check out SPAO, MIXXO and WHO.A.U available exclusively in Pavilion.

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