Friday, February 19, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Kim Hyun Tae, the Korea's Star Stylist talks about Shiseido Professional Asian Texture Trend 2016

Kim Hyun Tae & the hair models

Hair has been an important part of fashion. Having the right hair style can really complements your look, giving that touch of fashionable and chic feeling to it. With over 15 years of hairstyling experience, Kim Hyun Tae, a well-known Korean hairstylist and the CEO of Rabeauty Core Salon has worked with many international brands, as well as top female celebrities. And today, Kim has joined the Shiseido Professional Group as an ambassador for Shiseido Professional Korea.

Kim Hyun Tae Talks About Asian Texture Trend 2016

So we had an interview session with Kim Hyun Tae to drive us an insight on the latest Shiseido Professional Asian Texture Trend for 2016 and some tips that could make your hair looks effortlessly stylish like all the Koreans.

What motivated you to venture into the world of hair styling?
I started hairstyling 25 years ago. When I was 19 years old, I didn’t like studying, I enjoyed music so I pursued a career in music. When I listen to music, I feel very inspired and artistic. One day, when I was walking down the streets, I looked through the window and saw a hairstylist grooming a customer. He was dressed so stylishly and that inspired me to be a hairstylist.

What is your favorite hair style for women?
Personally I like short hair. From medium to short hair, I can create different looks with such hairstyle. Long hair is easy, everyone can style long hair. But short to medium hair length are challenging, that’s why I like the challenge.

We love the Korean girl hair style, can you give us some tips in achieving that?
You can load on with styling products that gives volume and hold, such as the Shiseido Professional Stage Works Powder Shake and Shiseido Professional Stage Works Gelee Shake. But in order to have long-lasting curls, it is always better to go for permanent perm. In Korea, 80% of women does permanent perm to achieve voluminous, airy and wavy curls. On top of their permanent perm, they will thong it to give it a stronger silhouette. This is the Korean trend now.

What do you think is the hair trend for 2016?
Besides the voluminous curls, the airy bangs (see through bangs) will be an upcoming style. Usually in mainland China, most Asian women enjoy straight, thick bangs, but now they’re slowly changing to airy bangs.

What is the most important thing that you would advise for hair care?
Always use the right hair care products, one that suits your hair and will keep your hair sleek and healthy. You can constantly do chemical treatments, but remember to nurture your scalp and hair back to health again.

Which is your favorite Shiseido Professional product that you would recommend to everyone?
My favorite product is Shiseido Professional Stage Works Gelee Shake because it gives natural beauty to curls as well as moisturizes your hair. This styling product quotes perfection: a beauty serum + styler.

* Photos credit to Shiseido Professional.

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