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Chinese New Year Dinner @ Sky 360, e.City Hotel, One City

GONG XI ~ GONG XI ~ GONG XI ~ FA CAI.... This Chinese New Year, Sky 360 at e.City @ One City, Subang Jaya is offering a 5 course Chinese New Year dishes with a Western twist to it. It will be available from now until 22 Feb 2016 (7pm to 10pm). So do not miss it.. 

5 Course Chinese New Year Dinner
by Sky360 eCity Hotel, One City Subang Jaya

Here are the 5 dishes that you can expect during the Chinese New Year dinner... 


Pan Seared Scallop with Garlic Almond Puree

The pan seared scallop was undeniably delicious, you can literally feel each filament melting in your mouth. Pairing it with the garlic almond puree gives it a refreshing sweet and interesting taste to the dish. A very unique combination I must say. 


Double Boiled Chicken Soup

Hot, herbally and hearty bowl of traditional Chinese double boiled chicken soup with red dates, "ginseng" looking kind of herbs, chicken and many more herbs that I can't name. ;P


(2 Selections - Steamed Cod Fish with Almond OR Char Siew Chicken Roulade)

Steamed Cod Fish with Almond

The cod fish is buttery and flaky with a slight seasoning of soy sauce and lime. Both my friend and I do agree that this was incredibly delicious. And also the toasted almond and crispy ginger strips complemented the rather simple cod fish, too.

Char Siew Chicken Roulade

A play between the classic western roulade (with spinach and ricotta stuffing) and Chinese's favourite marinade, Char Siew sauce. Surprisingly go very well together, in fact the sweetness of the Char Siew marinade elevates the flavour of the roulade, making it juicier and flavourful.

I appreciate how the chef plays around with different ingredients from Chinese cuisine to bring out different flavour and textures in this Chinese New Year fusion menu.


(you'll be getting both the Chilled Sweet Pumpkin and Cinnamon Crème Brûlée) 

Chilled Sweet Pumpkin

An interesting dessert (I personally find pumpkin as a savoury dish so having it as dessert is rathar new to me).  But surprisingly, I kinda do like the pumpkin dessert. It's a modern twist on our typical Malaysian sagu combination with a surprisingly element of molecular caviar that gives a "pop" of flavour as you eat.

Cinnamon  Crème Brûlée

The extremely creamy and sinful creme brulee tart pairs very well with the light orange "ice-cream looking" mousse. Creamy, sweet and with a touch of sour, definitely a great way to end your dinner.

Chinese New Year is just one week away and if you are still in the midst of looking for a place for Chinese New Year dinner and buffet is not your kind of thing, then I suggest you to check out the menu offered by Sky 360 at e.City Hotel @ One City. Oh yeah did I mention that they have Salmon Yee Sang too ? You can enjoy the delicious 5 course Chinese fusion dinner and Yee Sang tossing with your friends and family. So make your reservation now ! :)


Date : Now until 22 Feb 2016
Time : 7pm to 10pm
Venue : SKY 360 Level R (Rooftop) e.City Hotel, One City
Price : RM 68.00 Nett/Pax
(Add On Yee Sang @ RM 88.00 Nett)

5 Course Menu
Pan Seared Scallop with Garlic Almond Puree
Double Boiled Chicken Soup
Steamed Cod Fish with Almond OR Char Siew Chicken Roulade
Chilled Sweet Pumpkin & Cinnamon Creme Brulee

Reservation : 03-5115 9887 or

For more information, kindly visit :-

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Selangor D.E. Malaysia

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