Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Online Store for Beauty Products (Skincare & Makeup)

Recently, I have been doing some late night research on beauty websites and here are the top 5 of my most visited online stores to stock up for my skincare and makeup needs. I am telling you, I could spend hours in front of my laptop browsing on stuff and putting it into my cart. Before we begin with the countdown, I would suggest you to check out as you can save a lot on your online shopping. So grab a cup of coffee and prepare for some shopping...

5 Online Store for Beauty Products (Skincare & Makeup)

1. - Malaysian and Singaporean, it's the new page that you should bookmark and check out ! The formerly known Luxola has been rebranded to In this new Sephora website, you can find all the brand that was under Luxola and also some new brands that has been brought in to Sephora lately like Becca Cosmetics, 3CE cosmetics, Winky Lux and many more. Recently, I have just done a Sephora haul (here) from their website and my advice is, always check out some of the voucher codes available online, so you can get discount on your Sephora Skincare Products.

2. Althea - This is my favourite website to get my hand on Korean skincare and makeup products. I actually find their website to be very user-friendly and cute at the same time - especially the color theme they have. On top of that, they will have sale and discount like Buy 1 FREE 1 all the time, and now they are having the "Treasure Hunt" game going on where you hunt for this certain product and get it for FREE. It's a good and interactive website to buy Korean skincare and makeup. haul (here).

3. Hermo - With the vast amount of products and brands that Hermo carries, I am not sure where to start. They basically carry more than 100 over brands whether it's the Taiwanese or Japanese or Korean brands, you can find it in Hermo. And the best part is, you'll get FREE SHIPPING by just purchasing any 2 products. Yay !

4. Natta Cosme - A website that carries the cream of the crop beauty products best suited for Asian skin type. What I do like about Natta Cosme is their product comparison feature, where I can compare 2 to 3 products all together without opening 3 different windows just to compare the features of the products.

5. Watsons - Do I even need to say anything ? I am sure everyone knows about Watson. You can find everything from health to drugstore beauty to even snacks here. However, do check out some healthy & beauty coupons to get discounts on your purchase.

Fellow readers, I highly recommend to check out the online store mentioned and if you would like do subscribe to their newsletter to keep yourself updated with the promotion. You may find some really good deals some times.. Happy Shopping !

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