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AnleneMove 21 Days Challenge : My Experience

I must admit that in the first few days of the AnleneMove 21 days challenge, I've been pretty rotten at moving. Well, I did technically move, move around in the shopping mall, going to meet my friends and all the excuses not to exercise. AnleneMove app does manage to get me moving because whenever I miss my exercise, there'll be reminders and motivational messages popping up from my phone now and then, reminding me to start moving. To be honest, it actually made me feel guilty for not committing to my goal.

AnleneMove 21 Days Challenge : My Experience
tips to kick start that exercise mode in you... 

On the first week, it was hard.... really hard.... I only manage to complete 33% of my goal. But as the second week kicks in, I manage to pick myself up and start sweating. If you were in that lazy, full of excuses mode like my first week of the AnleneMove 21 Days challenge, I've realized that actually you just need a few things to get that lazy bone off...

Set A Goal. Having a goal is important whether it's for your work or your family or even your life. So have a clear and precise goal in mind on what you want to achieve after the 21 days of moving. It could be, regaining that healthy lifestyle or losing weight or even making your body fit for any 42 km marathon. And do make sure that is like the ultimate goal that you want to achieve, so you'll work towards it.

Daily Motivational Quotes. Trust me, having daily motivational quotes on your mobile, reminding you to move, does eventually motivates you to start moving and exercising. My favourite quote so far is...
Whatever the mind of the man can conceive and believe. It can be achieved. - Kelly Young

Try New Exercise. Jogging and all is easy, all you need is a pair of running shoes and off you go. But sometimes jogging all alone in the park with your iPod, it could be rather boring and bland. So I decided to try something new to get the exercise mojo back which is Capoeira. It was seriously challenging because Capoeira is a combination of martial art and dance, so you can expect a lot of movement. I am not sure how long have I been "Capoeira-ing" in the class but all I remember was the next day was painful, but in a good way.

Get An Exercise Buddy. Find someone that loves to exercise whether it's hitting the gym or doing yoga at home. I notice having a friend to exercise together works very well in most cases because each of you guys can motivate each other to exercise. Like I have a friend who enjoys jogging in FRIM, so we both would eventually set a date to go jogging or canopy walk in FRIM together.

Set A Reminder. Reminding you to exercise from time to time. So the guilty card will come in for not exercising and you'll eventually start moving. This definitely work for me. ;P

If you are still not sure where to start, you can start off by downloading the AnleneMove app which sort of checked most of the boxes like Setting A Goal, Daily Motivational Quotes and Set A Reminder. The AnleneMove app does help me to keep track of my weekly progress too, making sure I do commit to my 3 times in a week exercise routine else reminders, emails, messages will be popping in reminding me about my goal. Being a perfectionist and overachiever, I enjoy the AnleneMove progress chart a lot because I get to see how well I did for the week and seeing myself getting 100% every week give me a sense of satisfaction. ;P

After the 21 days, it has became a habit, I would eventually pick up my exercise gear and start jogging. Sometimes, I would even jog more than 3 times a week. Now, I have come to a point where I am enjoying getting a bit sweaty. Always remember, it's okay if you do not enjoy certain workouts and just because you hate jogging, doesn't mean you hate sweating too. All you need to do is Set A Goal and Find That Exercise that makes you heart beat goes up, and you'll enjoy the journey of towards a healthy lifestyle ! 

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