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5 Benefits of Diamond Coral's Filtered Water

After the tutorial in cleaning your very own Diamond Coral Filter (here), I am back with more about this Diamond Coral Filter. 

It had definitely happened at least once or even more - a time where you fall sick and your skin complexion turns from radiant to dull. It's not that the skincare you are applying is not working. Actually, it's dehydration in our body that causes all of these issues. Therefore, drinking 8 glasses of water is important to me but not just any tap water, I am talking about clean and living water from Diamond Coral Filter.

5 Benefits of Diamond Coral's Filtered Water

Right now I'm having a glass of the Diamond Coral Filtered water to soothe my throat and body from the hazy weather. Seriously, this glass of filtered water is more beneficial than you think, here are other amazing benefits of it.

Essential Minerals

Have you ever wonder what's in our tap water ? Well, the water from the tap without any filter contains a lots of minerals and stuff which might and might not be too good for our body. Sometimes, it could even get us sick for consuming the extra "minerals". However, water from the Diamond Coral Filter contains essential minerals that are good for our body, pure and healthy with their Refined Water Life Technology.

Safe to Drink from the Tap

The next question that comes up probably would be, the minerals would be killed when you boil the water, so what's the point of the filter ? Then I am happy to tell you that, with the Diamond Coral Filter, you are safe to drink from the tap with NO BOILING at all. So no hassle in boiling the water before drinking at all.

More Oxygen 

When the water is not boiled, there's more oxygen in it which would keep our skin youthful and properly hydrated so it's less likely to dry out.

Stay Healthy

Diamond Coral Filter system purifies harmful elements over a hundred times, it can get rid of radioactive elements and even pesticides found in water while keeping intact the essential minerals. Clean and life water with essential minerals helps the body to be strong and stay away from illness. So you don't get sick and get infected with the contaminants and pesticides in our tap water.

Remove Toxins

Clean and life water from Diamond Coral Filter helps to flush out toxins faster and strengthen our immune system.

Anyway, if you are asking me, of all honesty, in the beginning I was skeptical with the idea of drinking from the tap, but I have to say the water does taste very different in a way. It's more sweeter and fresher, no stale taste and feeling to it at all. Best part of all is that I do not even have to waste electricity in boiling water anymore ! ;)

Want to have clean water for your house too ? Then there's an offer going on by Diamond. 

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Diamond High Value Trade In Used Water Filter Offer 

All brands whether it's Diamond or Non-Diamond, and no matter how long it has been used, you are welcome to join this amazingly good campaign. Diamond will provide valuation for your used water filter (up to RM 2,500) and you can consider to use this value to change your filter to this brand new, renowned Refined Master, World's First Refined Water Machine - DIAMOND Coral for FREE !

So hurry up and trade in your old water filter now to get the DIAMOND Coral for FREE !

* Tutorial on How To Clean Diamond Coral Filter (with pictures) - here

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