Friday, January 22, 2016

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish - Souffle & Juice

If ever there's an excuse to get some new nail polish, it's definitely have to Chinese New Year, especially getting that red and gold color for your nails. Don't you agree with me ? That's why I have added two new nail polish to my collection - it's the 100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish Juice and Souffle. The color is as yummy as it's name,.

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish Review & Promotion

The 100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish has a line-up of 40 different colors from the classic pinkish nude to a cherry red to even glittery confetti color. Juice and Souffle are the two colors that caught my eye and which I think would be the perfect color for my Chinese New Year nails.

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish : Souffle (Left); Juice (Right)

Souffle, it's a metallic gold color, looks pretty much like a chocolate souffle. I'm not sure I've ever find any shades that look like this before. I've tried it on and color quite opaque, I reckon I can just go with one layer of the Souffle but if you want to have a more intense metallic color, two coats will do. Juice in the other hand require the two coats and also some patience in getting the color painted evenly because it's not as opaque as Souffle. But even with two layers, the nail polish dries up very fast too, making it a great option when you are in a rush. If you are in the market for a redish, pinkish, girly color, then Juice is it. Both of the 100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish's formula, as the name would suggest, is very creamy and goes on smoothly with no dragging of color. And the brush is not the typical flat brush, it's the round brush and surprisingly I find it easier to drop the polish without making a mess of the cuticle.

Now I can't wait for Chinese New Year to come so that I can show off my cute mani and pedi... ;)

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish Monthly Specials

Now you can get the nail polish at RM 49.00 instead of RM 69.00 each till end of January 2016. Hurry up, time to stock up that nail polish for Chinese New Year and also Valentine's Day. <3 


Name : 100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish
Price : RM 69.00 (Promo : RM 49.00 each till end of Jan) / SGD 22.00
Where to Buy : 100% Pure Online Store (here)
Net Weight : 14.7ml

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