Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SevenFriday New & Enhanced Timepiece - Series V

Have you checked out the latest SevenFriday Series V collection ? Not yet ? Then you should really check it out because the timepieces made its mark in many countries around the world as the latest must-have for watch aficionados. I have downloaded the SevenFriday Series V lookbook, just scroll down to find out more. ;)

SevenFriday Series V Timepiece Launch

SevenFriday Series V has 3 different styles, the V01-01, V02-01 and V03-01. All of it has a different strap and design by itself. Like the V01-01 has the matt black calf leather strap with unique Oplin silver white against vertical brushed silver white numerals while V02-01 is matt brown calf leather strap with Oplin black against a striking vertical brushed Rhodium numerals. I am really digging the SevenFriday Series V watches, especially the latest V03-01 collection. The V03-01 design is slightly different as compared to the V01-01 and V02-01 watches, it mimics the interior of a modern sports car as the hour dial, like a speedometer, isn't that cool ? Oh dear, sports car lovers, I am sure you are drooling over this watch now. Anyway, enjoy the SevenFriday Series V Lookbook below...

SevenFriday Series V01-01

SevenFriday Series V02-01

SevenFriday Series V03-01

Lastly, here's a photo of me posing with my favourite SevenFriday Series V03-01 timepieces. ;)

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Website : www.sevenfriday.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/sevenfridaymalaysia

SevenFriday Malaysia is exclusively available at Red Army Watches shops - Pavilion KL, Tropicana City Mall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Dapper & Gentry - Gateway @ KLIA2, Yee Wah Hing - Bangsar Shopping Center, Hing's Watch - Jaya Shopping Center, Perniagaan Tai Hing Watch - Johor, Swee Cheong Watch Pen & Co - Kota Bharu and Perfect Time - Sibu. 

SevenFriday Singapore is exclusively available at Red Army Watches shops - Raffles Boulevard, Wisma Atria, ATRIX Singapore, All Wathces - Chinatown Point, de Time Pte Ltd - Clarke Quay @ The Central, Fook Hing Trading Co - Bras Basah Complex, Krasnaya - The Watch Art - Ion Orchard, Watches of Switzerland - Paragon & VivoCity. 

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