Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Exclusive Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Christmas Menu

The countdown to Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer. How exciting! Just when I thought the days were not going by fast enough, here comes The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® with an invite to try their Holiday Specials and as far as I am concerned, Christmas is here!

Exclusive Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas Menu developed by Award-Winning Chef Johnny Loh

Walking into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) , I knew I was in for a major treat. I was practically blinded by the gorgeous desserts arrangement right before me!  I have no doubt the Christmas Surprise Sampler, German Stollen, Classic Christmas Log, Sugar N’ Chai Cheesecake and saving the best for last, the glorious Scottish-inspired Dundee Fruit Cake  was going to taste just as good as it looks or maybe better.

When I think about Christmas desserts or even festive drinks, only one thought comes to mind. Just a mouthful should bring a smile to my face. That’s my standard of determining if it truly represents the season of Joy. The Toffee Nut Latte I had did just that and more.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : Sugar N Chai Cheesecake (RM 108 / 1.6 kg)

Feast your eyes on the Sugar N’Chai Cheesecake. Its got a blend of chai spices, cream and sugar mixed with marinated apples,raisins & cherries on a crowd favourite cheesecake. Want to bring this home? Its RM 108.00/1.6kg .

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : German Stollen (RM 38 / 600g)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : Classic Christmas Log (RM 118 / 1.7 kg)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : Jivara Raspberry Log (RM 80 / 1 kg)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : Dundee Fruit Cake (RM 95 / 1.6 kg)

Tadaaa! Now for the much anticipated premier of the Dundee Fruit Cake. Personally, I was apprehensive about eating a cake with major fruit flavours (chocolate kind of girl) (you know what im saying) . But for the sake of my curiousity I had to give it a try. I have to say, it was moist and light to eat. I particularly appreciated the generous amounts of almonds,walnuts,apricots & cherries because it paired well with the spiced cake. Can you believe something as elaborate as this only costs RM 95.00/1.6kg .

Amidst all the delicious delights and good cheers, CB&TL continues to support the Malaysian Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Association through the sales of the specially-designed Gift Tags. You can get it for just RM2, all proceeds will benefit the Association’s Malaysian Lupus Resource Centre..

In case you don’t know, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, incurable auto-immune disease which causes the body to produce large amounts of anti-bodies which then react againsts the patient’s own tissues. Clearly it is a disease not to be taken lightly . So don’t hesistate to head on down to the nearest CB&TL and purchase a Gift-Tags. On another another note, the kind words on the Gift Tags were really moving .

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas : Chef Johnny Loh

Here’s Chef Johnny Loh showing us how gingerbread mans are made.

Now for the moment  I was waiting for, making my Gingerbread Man! Look at all that color and variety. Is it Christmas already?

The piping was particular difficult for my butter fingers so I had some help. There is a very interesting art to it but more importantly fun and laughter ensued.

There you have it, my Jolly Breadman inspired by my imagination of my Future Husband. Sweet, colorful, happy and laid back. (A girl can dream) (no judgments)

There was no shortage of joy and merriment during the entire event. It certainly embodied the passion of CB&TL to connect to their customers through an walk down memory lane with Christmas Classic Inspired menu’s.  I for one am even more excited about Christmas than ever.  By the way, I could not possibly eat my Jolly Breadman because I was so invested in its creation. So hes now the happy new addition to my Christmas tree ornaments.

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