Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bio-Oil: My Scar, My Story

For the most of us, part of growing up in life is the scars that we obtain from past incidents during certain episodes leaving them as memories and lessons; some good and some painful. Bio-Oil recently launched a campaign for everyone who has suffered from any sort of scarring through an initiation known as “My Scar, My Story”.

Bio-Oil: My Scar, My Story

Did you know that 1 in every 2 women suffers from ongoing psychological issues as a result of scars with the majority 56% considering themselves ‘abnormal’ due to their scars? Because of such high numbers, Bio-Oil hopes to help women with their campaign by teaching women to help cope with their scars proactively instead of living in the shadows. “My Scar, My story” will offer real life stories from real women in hopes of serving as a source of inspiration to others who are suffering both emotionally and physically from scars.

If you have not come across Bio-Oil beforehand, it is an oil-based product that has been clinically proven to help improve the appearance of all types of scars, be it old or new. Bio-Oil contains plant based extracts such as Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, and Calendula oils coupled with Vitamins A & E and PurCellin Oil. It’s recommended that one should massage the oil onto the affected area in a circular motion continuously twice a day a minimum of three months for best results.

I’ve personally been a user of Bio-Oil since I was a kid. 10 years ago when I was in school I fell face front on the road during a gym activity. Half of my left cheek’s skin was almost gone exposing the flesh, and I was covered with scars and bruises everywhere else on my body. To be honest, I thought I would never be able to look like myself again after that incident, but by using Bio-Oil continuously and by following strict orders from my doctors, my scars completely healed. Today, you can’t even tell the difference on my face. So thank you, Bio-Oil.


Name : Bio Oil

Price (Malaysia): RM 34.95 (60ml) & RM 58.25 (125ml) & RM 79.45 (200ml) each
Price (Singapore): SGD $ 15.50 (60ml) & SGD $ 25.90 (125ml) each
Price (US): $11.99 (60ml) & $19.99 (125ml) & $27.99 (200ml) each

Net Weight : 60ml, 125ml & 200ml 

Where to Buy (Malaysia): Guardian, Watson, Caring, Vitacare and Sasa

Where to Buy (Singapore): Guardian, Watson, Unity, Robinson and Metro

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Website: https://www.bio-oil.com || http://myscarmystory.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bio.oil

Bio-Oil Malaysia : https://www.bio-oil.com/en/retailers/my
Bio-Oil Singapore : https://www.bio-oil.com/en/retailers/sg

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