Monday, November 2, 2015

Kiehl's Store Relocation Launch @ Suria KLCC

If you are a frequent patron to KLCC, you’ll know first hand that shops come and go all the time. However, only a few stores still remain throughout the years thanks to their loyal customers and great products. What was once located in a tiny corner on KLCC’s concord level, Kiehl’s is back with a bigger and better location in KLCC allowing their customers to roam around freely and experience their store on a more personal level.

Kiehl’s Store Launch in KLCC

With its open concept, the brand new store allows a free flow movement for its customer to experience the store fully with brand new sections for them to see. In one corner, you can find the Top 10 Customer Favorite Products, and in the other you can find their classic products with an all brand new design to compliment the overall chic yet holistic laboratory look.

Also, there’s one special corner, which is proving to be my favorite so far. This corner is a brand new take on their existing service, which is gift-wrapping. In the gift-wrapping corner, customers can personalize the look of their gifts for their loved ones or themselves. :p

To celebrate the relaunch of Kiehl’s brand new store, bloggers and media personals were invited in a craft session whereby they had to create their personal scrapbooks. It was a lovely experience because I was able to see everyone express him or herself creatively.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Kiehl’s brand new location and store!

For more information kindly visit:

Kiehl’s Malaysia


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  1. I love Kiehls
    Good thing they open in KL :)

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  2. its one of my fav skincare brands
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  3. I love Kiehls products!! Awesome post :)

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  4. Interesting beauty products.We keep in touch. xx


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