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Shokubutsu Pledge to Self-Check During Shower Campaign

The event took place in a very cosy environment 

After this event, shower time has a whole new meaning for me. Shower time can be a life-saving activity. Why? A simple breast self-check in the shower can help women detect breast cancer early. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world. There is no prevention- only early detection and treatment. So it really is these simple self-checks in the shower that can save your life.

Shokubutsu Pledge to Self-Check During Shower Campaign

To encourage women to make this important commitment to carry out regular breast self-checks during shower, Shokubutsu, the leading shower foam brand in Malaysia has spearheaded a pro-active campaign, Pledge to Self-Check during Shower. This is one campaign that I feet is truely charitable by Shokubutsu.

Most of us lead a very busy lifestyle. Women often do not make this step a commitment especially when the requirement is perceived to be troublesome. Awareness is lacking even among educated women. At the launch was National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) president Dr. Saunthari who shared alarming statistics with us. More than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage stand a chance of surviving the disease for at least 5 years.

Together with us during the cosy session also were three cancer survivors who shared with us just how important early detection is and their battle with the big C. Sengolmany, a cheerful housewife from Ampang survived breast cancer for 14 years. The journey of radiotherapy, lumpectomy and chemotherapy was a life-changing one for her. The support of her husband and friends helped her. Valli, a Sales Advisor has outlived breast cancer for 10 years. She had her surgery on Valentines day and was brave enduring the emotional pain. Stella Voon stayed positive throughout her battle and outlived cancer for 11 years. She even took advantage to have a haircut done during her chemotherapy. All the three women gave positive vibe and taught us just how important is it to love ourselves because by doing so, only can we love our loved ones.

1:19 Malaysian women are at risk of breast cancer

L - R : Sengolmany survived breast cancer for 14 years, Stella Voon survived cancer for 11 years & Valli outlived the big C for 10 years

This campaign is sincerely brought to you by Shokubutsu and NCSM

The Shokubutsu Pledge to Self-Check During Shower campaign will run from 1st October to 30th November 2015. Every bottle sold during the campaign period translates in to 1 pledge where Shokubutsu will contribute RM0.10 to NCSM. Shokubutsu aims to raise RM25 000 through 250 000 pledges. To support this campaign, Shokubutsu will organise nationwide roadshows, in-store promotions and social media activation in educating women the step-by-step guide to do breast self check during shower.

Shokubutsu also designed a special application on Shokubutsu Malaysia Facebook for women to upload and share their pledges with their friends and receive a free 3D mammogram with consultation voucher when they buy a Thin Prep (pap smear) at NCSM.

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