Friday, October 2, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Dato' Sheila Majid, Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz

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Dato' Sheila Majid, Malaysia's Queen of Jazz

What is your secret for having such flawless skin?
A: No secret, just make sure your face is clean and take your makeup off when you’re done with the day. That is something my mom told me to do she said “to have good skin is better than to pile makeup on.” So on days when I’m not working, I don’t wear any makeup on except for a tinted lipbalm because if not I’d look like death. * laughs *

How do you balance motherhood and your career?
A: I am no super woman, but I have a lot of help around of me. I delegate a lot. I live with my mother, I have my maids, I have my husband, my two elder children are old grown up so they can take care of their little sisters. So far it’s good, as I can still manage to work things around. I think time management is important, and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

It was mentioned just now that you are releasing your new album sometime this year, what can fans expect from the new album?
A: The same thing, the same style * laughs *. I don’t think I should change my style really because my fans are happy with it, and I’m comfortable with it as I’ve been doing it for the past 30 years. I love doing what I do, so it’s great to know that people still want to hear me.

What is your advice to aspiring artists here in Malaysia looking to succeed in their careers?
A: You have to really work hard, so push all that glamorous life you think it comes with in this business because nobody sees you work, they only see you when you’re on stage. What you portray on stage is the results of what you have been working on. Work includes: rehearsals, staying fit, making sure you give it your best when you perform because people pay to come and see you perform. This also applies to other businesses as well, by the end of it you have to take care of your livelihood by staying relevant and setting a certain standard for yourself. Ask yourself, “What would you like to see on stage?” and work on that. 

What can we look forward to your role in “The Right Note” competition?
A: I’m going to be the judge on this competition, so as a singer, I will be looking for the voice. If you are singing your own composition, that’s a brownie point for you. Also, I will look for how you are on stage because you are a performer. I always tell people who want to perform, if you are going to be shy about it then don’t go on stage. What’s the point? You have to go on and project to the crowd with the attitude that “you’re here and you’re going to show what you’ve got”, and of course you do your best. Be prepared before you go on stage, watch videos of performers and watch how they are on stage. Look at Michael Jackson, I love him, he comes on stage and he just stands there and doesn’t even say anything, but what is the reaction of people? They faint, they scream, because he’s so charismatic. That’s what you want in a performer, and that is something that I rarely see. You want to be memorable.

What made you want to be part of Strepsils World Voice Day “The Right Note”?
A: To celebrate the voice, the voice is important, as it is one of the communication tools you have. A lot of people tend to take the voice for granted because it is something that we have for everyday that’s why you have to stay healthy because your voice is precious. 

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