Thursday, October 15, 2015

8 Hours of Bold & Beautiful Makeover by Lux @ 31 Studio, Sunway Damansara

8 Hours of Lux

Last week, I spent 8 hours with Lux; from attending the media event, meeting the one and only Juliana Evans, learning some beauty tips to look bold and confident and of course to experience Lux Magical Spell, the long lasting fine fragrance that is said to last for up to 8 hours! How cool is that? When you smell good, you will also feel good and it makes you feel more confident to try out new things. So at the event, we got the hands on experience of what a good, strong, lingering scent on your body that Lux Magical Spell can make you feel throughout the day.

During the media event in the morning, we got to try for ourselves the long lasting fine fragrance of Lux Magical Spell through a fragrance corner product demonstration.

Lux Magical Spell's product demonstration.

Then, the evening session continues with a Bold & Beautiful makeover with Lux. Oh yeah, did I mention that, there was also a Bold & Beautiful Makeover by Lux for us too? The Bold & Beautiful Makeover is where Juliana and stylist Min Luna will pick and choose Bold & Beautiful attire and makeup for me. Exciting? Just scroll down for the photos of my transformation. ;) When you smell good, you will feel confident enough to something you’ve never tried before – which is what I did that day. 

Lux partnered with ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination and SUB International School of Beauty and Make-up for a special makeover and transformation experience for us. 

Getting my outfit picked by Juliana and a stylist Min Yuna. Yay !

Chenelle & I
As you may have notice, the makeup counter mirror has been covered and none of us know how we look like with the makeover. So here's the big reveal ! 

So here's my before and after the 8 hours of Bold & Beautiful Makeover by Lux. What do you think ?

To be honest, I'm not one to be fussy with body wash. But when I was trying the 3 steps luxurious Lux Magical Spell experience during the product launch, pampering my nose with the long lasting fine fragrance of Lux Magical Spell, I decided it was time to man-up and step out of my routine and indulge in Lux totally. Lux Magical Spell is a body wash with intense scent of Black Orchid, opening notes of Juniper Oil and blending with dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean that has managed to coax me out of my normal everyday shower and in for an extravagant shower experience.

All I did was lather it up with my loofah then massage it all over my body and I'm telling you it smells amazing, I can basically skip the perfume part after showering with Lux Magical Spell.

The fact that the Lux 950ml is only priced at RM 17.90 and 220ml is priced at RM 6.00, is not too wallet walloping for such lovely scented body wash that is long lasting and can lasts for up 8 hours. Fab!

Once again, Lux nailed the luxurious bath experience again with the Magical Spell. ;)

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